For solvent volumes from 5 ml up to 1 litre

Findenser saves water and prevents laboratory flooding

No running water

No risk of water leaks and flooding from running water

Save Money

Eliminate the cost of water purchase and disposal

Water Targets

Helps meet sustainable water reduction targets

Findenser benefits

Findenser saves water and prevents laboratory flooding, by replacing water-cooled condensers in over 95% of common chemistry applications

  • No running water required

    Findenser comprises of an internal glass condenser and an external, finned aluminium jacket, between which a small amount of water is permanently sealed.

  • Replace water-cooled condensers

    The glass condenser design has a greater internal surface area than traditional air condensers, increasing heat transfer capacity.

  • Increased heat transfer

    The finned jacket fits around the glass condenser, further increasing the external surface area.

  • Save water, save money

    The result is a ‘SUPER air condenser’

Findenser saves water and prevents laboratory flooding

How much water are you wasting?

Water is a precious resource. It makes little economic or environmental sense to waste thousands of litres just to cool a single condenser. Whereas Findenser requires no running water to operate.

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How much is water costing your lab?

1 tap running at 2.5 litres per minute
The cost running a water condenser 4 hours 8 hours 24 hours
Water consumption per day litres 600 1200 3600
Cost per Day £1 £2 £6
Cost per Month, 20 working days £20 £40 £120
Cost per Year £240 £480 £1440
Based on a flow of 2.5 litres per minute, at a cost of 0.16p per litre of supply and disposal of water. Price from Veolia Water 2012 commercial pricing.

Findenser return on investment

Compared with a single water condenser, running for just 4 hours a day, Findenser will give you a return on your investment in less than one year.

Findenser graph

Average water consumption of common household appliances compared with a Findenser and water condenser

Technical data

Findenser Findenser Mini
Length x Diameter 400mm x 72mm 275mm x 72mm
Joints B19, B24, B29 B14, B19, B24
Weight 1200g 670g
Inner or wetted parts Borosilicate glass Borosilicate glass
Finned jacket Anodised aluminium Anodised aluminium
Plug and Seal Acetal & HT Silicone Acetal & HT Silicone
Thermofluid Water Water
Max solvent bpt 155˚C 155˚C
Oven drying Max Temp. 60˚C 60˚C
Dishwasher Max Temp. 50˚C 50˚C
Autoclaving Do Not Autoclave Do Not Autoclave
Ambient operating temp. 0˚C to 24˚C 0˚C to 24˚C

Findenser performance testing

A range of solvents, in identical flasks and set-ups, were tested with a Findenser, water condenser and air condenser to record solvent loss by weight.

Test conditions: 500 ml solvent in 1000 ml flask for 16 hours, heating 10˚C above boiling point for each solvent.

Compared with an air condenser

  • For synthesis with ‘low’ boiling point solvents, Findenser showed a significant improvement in solvent retention.
  • With acetone or DCM the reaction boiled dry when using an air condenser, yet Findenser retained 95% of the solvent under the same conditions.
  • For synthesis with ‘medium’ boiling point solvents, Findenser delivered improved solvent retention particularly with larger volumes and high temperatures.

Compared with an water condenser

Under identical conditions, Findenser retained solvent to the same level as a water condenser (with the exception of diethyl ether).

Key features

Findenser key features
  1. Patented design

    • Sealed assembly
    • Encapsulated thermofluid for maximised thermal conductivity and heat transfer

  2. Choice of flasks

    • 10ml to 2 lire flasks
    • Maximum solvent volume 1 litre

  3. Ground glass cone

    • Fits standard tapered glass sockets
    • Choice of sizes

  4. Anti-roll design

    • Contoured edges prevent rolling when not in use
    • Prevents damage to aluminium fins

  5. Easy clamping

    • Use with standard laboratory clamps
    • Clamping kits available

  6. Ground glass socket

    • Accepts standard tapered cones
    • Choice of sizes

  7. Finned aluminium jacket

    • Excellent thermal conductivity
    • High performance air-cooling
    • Chemical-resistant anodised surface

Findenser not only removed the worry of possible flooding but as it doesn’t need to be close to a water source it freed up space.James Lynch, Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies, University of Bath
standard findenser range


For vessels up to 2 litres in size, with a maximum solvent volume of 1 litre
  • Large size Findenser, 400 mm long.
  • Maximum flask size 2 litres, maximum solvent volume 1 litre.
  • Choice of 3 joint sizes
  • Can be held with conventional laboratory clamps
  • Choice of clamping kits available
  • Range of PTFE adapters available
Mini Findenser

Findenser Mini

For vessels up to 250 ml in size, with a maximum solvent volume of 125 ml

  • Small size Findenser, 275 mm long.
  • Maximum flask size 250 ml, maximum solvent volume 125 ml.
  • Choice of 3 joint sizes
  • Can be held with conventional laboratory clamps
  • Choice of clamping kits available
  • Range of PTFE adapters available
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RR31100     Findenser B24 Cone, B24 Socket
RR31102     Findenser B29 Cone, B24 Socket
RR31104     Findenser B19 Cone, B19 Socket

Findenser Mini

RR31105     Findenser Mini B24 Cone, B24 Socket
RR31107     Findenser Mini B19 Cone, B19 Socket
RR31109     Findenser Mini B14 Cone, B14 Socket


RR31200     PTFE Adapter B24 Socket to B29 Cone
RR31202     PTFE Adapter B19 Socket to B24 Cone
RR31204     PTFE Adapter B19 Socket to B29 Cone
RR31206     PTFE Adapter B14 Socket to B19 Cone
RR31208     PTFE Adapter B14 Socket to B24 Cone
RR139139   Right Angle Adapter Ordinary B24 + GL14 + fittings
RR139140   Right Angle Adapter Ordinary B19 + GL14 + fittings
RR139141   Right Angle Adapter Ordinary B14 + GL14 + fittings

Stands and Clamps

RR31210     Retort Stand, 2 Position Base + 12x750mm SS Rod
RR31212     Retort Stand, 2 Position Base
RR31214     Support Rod SS 12x600mm No Thread
RR31216     Support Rod SS 12x750mm No Thread
RR31218     Support Rod SS 12x1000mm No Thread
RR71110     Retort Clamp to 85mm
RR71115     Boss Head to 16mm
RR71120     Support Rod Hotplate Adapter (extension plate)
RR71125     Support Rod SS 13x340mm M10
RR71127     Support Rod SS 13x500mm M10