Using Findenser and Heat-On to extract tobacco essence makes reactions safer and more convenient for Shenzhen Tobacco Industrial Co

Shenzhen Tobacco Industrial Findenser Heat-On

Contacts: Mr Sun

Organisation: Shenzhen Tobacco Industrial Co

Department: Research and Development

Country: China

Product: Findenser and Heat-On

Case Study No: CS1048


Shenzhen Tobacco Industrial used a water condenser and electric heating sleeve but could only do the extraction during daytime which was not effective and wasted time.


  • Run experiments overnight without the risk of a fire hazard.
  • Prevent laboratory flooding.


  • Findenser and Heat-On enable the extraction to be run overnight without the risk of flood and fire.
  • Improved efficiency.
We like Findenser and Heat-On, as they make our lab safer. We can do reactions overnight without the risk of flood and fire.Mr Sun, Shenzhen Tobacco Industrial Co