Innovative reactor design

With our range of lab reactors and jacketed reaction systems, you can choose the setup that works for you.

  • Easy set-up

    Reactor systems are quick to set up and easy to use.

  • Pre-configured

    Off-the-shelf lab reactors from 100 ml to 30 litres.

  • Custom options available

    Bespoke frameworks to suit your individual specification.

  • Time-saving

    Our reactors allow for rapid vessel exchange, saving you time.

Designed to suit your needs

We know that different labs have different requirements. With our range of jacketed reactors, you can be sure that you’ll find the equipment to suit your needs. Whether you require a multi-vessel process rig, a small benchtop reactor or a complex parallel set-up, our team can help.

Reactor-Ready Duo Lab Reactor

Easy to use and time-saving

Regardless of whether you opt for one of our pre-configured reactors or a custom-made system, you’re guaranteed a quick and simple set-up with every reaction you run. Many of our reactors are designed for rapid vessel exchange, allowing for an increase in productivity.

Jacket Reactor Vessels

Suitable for a wide range of vessels

Our reactor frames are compatible with a wide range of standard or custom vessels, both single and vacuum jacketed. Some models can also be customised to integrate with other accessories if necessary.

For chemical synthesis, process development, evaporation and work-up

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