Using Findenser, the University of Bath was able to successfully run overnight reflux experiments, saving water usage and avoiding damage from laboratory flooding.

University of Bath Findenser

Contacts: James Lynch

Organisation: University of Bath

Department: Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies

Country: United Kingdom

Product: Findenser

Case Study No: CS1008


The Centre experienced big changes in water pressure, mainly at night, causing piping to blow off standard water condensers causing reactions that were being run overnight to boil dry. The Centre chose to look at the Findenser as they had recently had a flood for this reason.


Find a sustainable solution to enable overnight experiments to run without the worry of laboratory flooding from loose water piping.


Radleys recommended the Findenser a super air condenser which requires no running water to operate and can replace the need for water-cooled condensers in over 95% of common chemistry applications.

Findenser not only removed the worry of possible flooding but as the Findenser doesn’t need to be close to a water source it freed up space within a work area so that we could have more equipment running at the same time.James Lynch, University of Bath