Safe unattended chemistry at your fingertips

Our automated reaction stations are designed to provide accurate temperature control, increase productivity, be flexible and save space.

  • Accurate temperature control

    With precise heating and active cooling, control your temperature accurately and handle exotherms safely and easily.

  • Improved productivity

    Independent zones with the choice of magnetic and overhead stirring - all software controlled and automatically data-logged.

  • Flexibility

    With a wide range of volumes and glassware options, set-up our reaction stations to suit your chemistry.

  • Space-saving

    Free up vital space in your lab with these all-in-one solutions.

The precision of temperature control provided by the Mya 4 has been essential to understanding key processing parameters of temperature sensitive experiments.Dr Tim Davies, Senior Development Chemist, Johnson Matthey, Edinburgh, UK

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One of the best user friendly reactors available in different scales for rapid reaction screening and optimizationAbhishek Shrikant, Syngene International