Working temperatures from -20 °C to +100 °C. The Unichiller range offers air- and water-cooled models in different performance classes.

  • Huber Unichillers are ideal for process cooling, back-cooling of technical plants or as a centralised cooling water supply in laboratories to reduce water consumption

  • Unichillers are fitted with the Pilot ONE or OLÉ controllers and are used in both research and production

  • Available with temperatures from -20 °C to +40 °C and with cooling powers from 300 watts to 100 kW

  • Can also be factory-fitted with a heater to cover a temperature range of -20 °C to +100 °C


Working temperatures from -20 °C to +100 °C. Compact, economical and environmentally-friendly cooling solution.

  • Small bench-top footprint (225 x 360 mm), extremely quiet and energy efficient, yet powerful enough to ensure highly stable cooling for laboratory equipment to conserve mains water, eliminate associated costs and reduce the risk of flooding

  • Robust, reliable and simple to use the Minichiller has a LED or OLED display that provides a clear display of real-time information such as set point and actual temperature

Typical Applications


A standard rotary evaporator

series of condensers

A series of small standard lab condensers

Reaction blocks or parallel synthesisers such as the Carousel


Huber minichiller

Large savings on water consumption

Switching just 5 condensers from tap water to a recirculating chiller, the typical saving is £3000* per year in water charges, which provides a return on investment and also cuts down on water wastage.

*Based on 5 condensers running 8 hours per day, 20 days per month on a medium flow rate of 5 litres per minute, at 0.1p per litre.

Constant cooling without pressure drop

Constant cooling without pressure drop

Pressure drops in your mains water supply can cause erratic cooling which can significantly affect your work. This is a particularly common where larger scale apparatus is used elsewhere on the same water supply.

Huber Immersion Cooler

Immersion cooler

Immersion Coolers offers a flexible solution for a variety of cooling applications. These units are easy to use and ideally suited to quick liquid cooling for example to cool heating thermostats or as a substitute for dry ice in acetone or water/glycol baths.

Small footprints combined with compact housing made from high quality stainless steel and carrying handles allow the immersion coolers to be easily positioned for use and for easy relocation, trolleys are available as an additional accessory.

Huber Minichiller Zoom

Immersion coolers offer an environmentally friendly cooling alternative by reducing consumption of tap water. The TC Immersion Coolers are available without a controller for continuous cooling or respectively with controller and Pt100 sensor. Models are available with a temperature controller and LED Display and have a temperature stability of ±0.5 K. All models can be delivered with a flexible evaporator coil (no extra cost).

Huber Piccolo Chiller

Piccolo chiller

The new Piccolo chiller has state-of-the-art thermoelectric Peltier technology. This technology enables accurate and rapid heating or cooling, entirely without refrigerant, which is a clear benefit for the environment.
With working temperatures of 4 to 70 °C and cooling capacities up to 280 W at 20 °C, the new Piccolo model is extremely versatile, for example in analysis, quality control, research laboratory, and material tests.
Thanks to modern fan technology, the Piccolo chiller is extremely quiet in operation and hardly requires any floor space. The unit is low weight and has intuitive operation via the new OLÉ controller, equipped with OLED display, USB and RS232 interface.
Huber TC4SE Chiller

Flow-through chiller

Flow-through chillers are ideally suited for counter-cooling of immersion and heating thermostats. In case of external temperature control, the flow-through chiller is installed in the return line of the thermostat.

Huber Rotacool


RotaCool is a space-saving circulation chiller in L-design specifically for rotary evaporators. The additional space requirement on the laboratory bench is nil. If the rotary evaporator is attached, the RotaCool becomes almost invisible. Cooling capacity and circulation are adapted especially to meet the requirements of common rotary evaporators.

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