Accelerating your chemical research

Our parallel reaction stations are designed to increase productivity, save space and reduce costs. We have parallel reactions stations for applications such as heating, cooling, condensing, work up, evaporation, inerting, filtration, heating, parallel synthesis, polymer research, process development, refluxing and stirring.

  • Flexible

    Can be used with many types of equipment, for all types of reaction.

  • Space-saving

    Free up vital space in your lab, allowing for greater deliverables.

  • Improved productivity

    Enjoy the freedom to perform more reactions than ever before.

  • Cost-effective

    Save money in the long-term by running reactions in parallel.

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Increased productivity

By nature, the parallel reaction station is designed to increase your productivity. You’ll have the ability to simultaneously perform reactions on as many as 24 samples, all under the same conditions. From rapid cooling and heating to powerful and even stirring, your outputs will reap the many benefits.

Parallel Reaction Stations

More space in the lab

The compact style of the parallel reaction station frees up essential space in the laboratory, allowing for additional equipment should you require it. This gives you the freedom to conduct more research within the same timeframe.


Keeping costs down

Running multiple reactions can often result in very high energy consumption – and the high costs that come with it. With a parallel reaction station you can expect to see energy consumption decrease considerably, resulting in essential cost savings.

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