"Findenser: it’s easy to clean and super effective"

University of Cambridge Findenser

Contacts: Dr Antonina Kerbs

Organisation: University of Cambridge

Department: Chemical Engineering

Country: UK

Product: Findenser

Case Study No: CS1083

The situation

With water-cooled condensers, the use of water has been an issue at Cambridge University from a safety point of view.  In the past they have come across loose connections for water condensers due to pressure changes whilst leaving overnight reflux reactions causing floods.  Also not all fume cupboards have water connections available so the team were having to plan in advance for anyone wanting to use the fume cupboard with water.

The objective

To save water, reduce cost, to protect the environment and work in safer and more flexible conditions.

The results

The team trialed a Findenser and loved it. They purchased a Findenser for their lab immediately.

I love using the Findenser, it’s easy to clean and super effective - even with DCM on hot days!Dr Antonina Kerbs, University of Cambridge