Hei-TORQUE Overhead Stirrers

The powerful Hei-TORQUE series can accomplish the most demanding mixing tasks whilst providing the highest safety and increased operating lifetime


The simple model, lightweight and and compact design for low to medium viscosity applications. Versatile with a timer function and boost button.

Hei-TORQUE Value

Powerful stirring with simple handling. Easy to use and capable of handling volumes up to 100 L.

Hei-TORQUE Precision

The advanced model with a menu driven interface as well as RS232 and USB connectivity for connection to control software.

New Hei-Torque Core

The lightweight overhead stirrer for big tasks! The new Core model complements the Hei-Torque range of laboratory overhead stirrer series; providing an easy to use, entry level unit which has the same robustness and reliability from Heidolph.

  • Compact

    The compact design of the new Hei-Torque Core allows its use in closed systems such as fume hoods, reactors and production systems

  • Lightweight

    With a net weight of 2.3 kg it is lightweight yet powerful enough to handle a variety of basic stirring applications with a maximum performance of 40 Ncm torque

Hei-TORQUE Overhead Stirrers

Hei-Torque Core

  • The compact design allows for integration in closed systems, such as fume hoods, reactors, or production systems
  • Suitable for low- to medium-viscosity media up to 25 l
  • The large diameter of the chuck (10 mm) allows you to use even large impellers and VISCO JET® tools.
Hei Torque Value stirrer RA25041

Hei-TORQUE Value

Ideal for standard stirring tasks.

Stirrer with 100, 200 or 400 Ncm torque. Designed to mix and disperse media that require non-reproducible results in high-viscosity applications

Hei Torque Value stirrer RA25040

Hei-TORQUE Value

  • Indication of torque output to monitor viscosity changes
  • Digital 2.4” display for ease of operation
  • Constant speed even under changing loads
  • Safe start and stop of operation via slide touch panel to avoid unintended stirring
Hei Torque Precision stirrer RA25045

Hei-TORQUE Precision

Ideal for demanding tasks which require reproducible results or software control.

Stirrer with 100, 200 or 400 Ncm torque.

Menu driven interface with several options for individual settings such as ramps and interval operation.

USB and RS 232 interfaces for connection to computers.

Digital 3.2” display for ease of operation:
• Allows for pre-programmed profiles which can be saved
• Accurate torque indication shows any viscosity changes
• Watch rpm and torque graphs live

Hei Torque Precision stirrer RA25048

Hei-TORQUE Precision

All performance-related parameters can be set individually:

  • Intensity of the start operation – from slow to fast
  • The rotational speed can be limited to avoid splashing media
  • The torque limit prevents damage to the impeller, e.g. when using fragile impellers in high viscous media
  • Newest motor generation provides maximum power at minimum noise level
  • Safe start and stop of operation via slide touch panel to avoid unintended stirring


Newest motor generation for maximum power at minimum noise level - below 50 db


The intuitive touch-panel made of glass for easy operation

Sealed housing

Sealed housing which complies with the high protection class IP 54• Guarantees longevity and maintenance free 24-hour operation in an aggressive environment

Unique Quick-Chuck

Unique Quick-Chuck for immediate and convenient 'one-hand' impeller changing - without tools

Reduce process times

Reduce process times by utilizing unique VISCO JET® impellers for mixing gels and other challenging media with ease

Over temperature sensor

An over temperature sensor prevents heat-up situations particularly valuable in unattended continuous operation

Safe start and stop

Safe start and stop of operation via slide touch panel to avoid unintended stirring

Sealed panel

The sealed panel of glass increases the tightness of the entire housing

Increased safety

Increased safety with individual performance control: set the intensity of the starting operation, the maximum rotational speed and the maximum torque limit according to your application

USB and standard RS 232 interface

USB and standard RS 232 interface for documentation and reproducibility


501-60410-00 Hei-TORQUE Core
501-61010-00 Hei-TORQUE 100 Value
501-61020-00 Hei-TORQUE 100 Precision
501-62010-00 Hei-TORQUE 200 Value
501-62020-00 Hei-TORQUE 200 Precision
501-64010-00 Hei-TORQUE 400 Value
501-64020-00 Hei-TORQUE 400 Precision


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For chemical synthesis, process development, evaporation and work-up

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Hei-TORQUE Overhead Stirrer PR30 RA25051

Hei-TORQUE Accessories

  • Telescopic stand
  • Clamp
  • Flex coupling
  • Flexible shaft
  • Shaft guard
  • Shaft guard adapter set
  • Stand S2 XXL
  • Universal stand S2
  • Stirrer guide (NS 29/32 PTFE)
Hei Torque Precision stirrer RA25050

Stirrer Tools & Paddles

Range of impellers

  • BR 10 Cross-Blade Impeller
  • BR 11 Straight-Blade Impeller
  • BR 12 Pivoting-Blade Impeller
  • BR 13 Square-Blade Impeller
  • BR 14 Collapsible-Blade Impeller
  • HR 18 Half-Moon Impeller
  • PR 39 Pitched-Blade Impeller
  • PR 30 Pitched-Blade Impeller
  • PR 31 Ringed Propeller
  • PR 32 Ringed Propeller
  • PR 33 Ringed Propeller
Hei Torque Visco Jet stirrer RA25039

Stirrer Tools & Paddles

  • TR 20 Radial-Flow Impeller
  • TR 21 Radial-Flow Impeller
  • AR 19 Anchor-Type Impeller
  • VISCO JET® – 60 mm
  • VISCO JET® – 80 mm
  • VISCO JET® – 80 mm (POM)
  • VISCO JET® – 120 mm
  • VISCO JET® – 120 mm (POM)
  • VISCO JET® CRACK – 80 mm
  • VISCO JET® CRACK – 120 mm

For chemical synthesis, process development, evaporation and work-up

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