Hei-PLATE Ultimate Dark

Hei-PLATE Stirring Hotplates

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Hermetically sealed, die-cast aluminium housing prevents electrical components from solvent and vapour ingress
  • Suitable for continuous unattended operation
  • Chemically resistant Kera-Disk top plate coating, comprised of aluminum body with ceramic coating for fast heat up times as well as high chemical resistance
Hei-PLATE Stirring

  • 145 mm top plate diameter
  • 4 models to choose from
  • 800 watts of heating power
  • Hotplate temperature range: 20 to 350 °C
  • Speed range: 30 to 1400 rpm
  • Stir up to 20 L volumes
  • Independent safety circuit will switch off heating if hotplate temperature exceeds 25 °C over set temperature
Scientist with Hei-PLATE

  • Control by reaction temperature using a Pt1000 temperature sensor or EKT Hei-CON
  • Residual heat indicator helps prevent accidental burns by flashing orange when the plate is hotter than 50 °C, even when unit is switched off
  • Ultimate model has RS232 and USB-B connectivity for software control
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Introducing the range...

Hei-PLATE Core

Hei-PLATE Heat 'n' Mix Core

For simple heating and stirring applications

  • Simple operation – One dial for heating, one for stirring
  • A separate on/off switch for heating prevents an unintentional heat-up. If heating is switched on the on/off button is illuminated for visual control
  • A residual heat indicator prevents from burning hazards when heat function is switched off
  • Analog knobs allow for convenient speed setting from 100 to 1,400 rpm and temperature setting up to 300 °C
Hei-PLATE Core+

Hei-PLATE Heat 'n' Mix Core+

For tasks which require heating with process control

  • Digital display for precise setting and monitoring of all parameters
  • Combine with a Pt1000 temperature probe for control of the heating by process temperature
  • Two heating modes – Fast heatup with minimal overshoot of set temperature or Precise heatup with no overshoot
  • To protect your sample from overheating a safety circuit switches off heating if the temperature sensor is not immersed in your media vessel
  • Temperature and stirring control knobs feature LED rings which illuminate when the function is active
Hei-PLATE Expert

Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat Expert

For high-precision temperature control with a timer function

  • Keep an eye on all values thanks to dedicated temperature and stirring displays
  • Timer function allows for safe, unattended chemistry
  • Protect your samples from temperature overshoot with the PRECISE+ temperature ramp setting
  • Automatic stirrer bar detection to minimise decoupling
Hei-PLATE Ultimate

Hei-PLATE Mix 'n' Heat Ultimate

For future-proofed working and software control

  • The RS232 and USB B interfaces allow automation and data logging
  • Integrate the device into a network with the Ethernet port
  • Combine with the e-Lift electric lab jack and control using the USB C connection
Hei-PLATE Accessories

Hei-PLATE Accessories

A range of complementary accessories

  • Stirring bars
  • Silicone protective covers
  • Pt1000 clamping systems
  • Pt1000 temperature sensors
  • e-Lift electric lab jack
  • EKT Hei-CON

Hei-PLATE: Built to last

The warranty on all new hotplates extended to 10 years.

  • Free replacement parts
  • Priority repair service
  • Complimentary software updates

  • Hermetically-sealed housing protects all mechanical and electronic components from aggressive environments

  • In case of a short circuit, a damage or removal of the temperature sensor from the media, the unit powers off completely

  • Damage to the stirrer is categorically ruled out even if exposed to highest temperatures - all models come with a fire-resistant aluminium die-cast housing

  • A separate on/off button for heating prevents unintentional heat-up - the button is illuminated for visual control.

  • The residual heat indicator prevents from potential burning hazards.

  • The temperature sensor consists of two independent safety circuits which switches off heating in case of any over temperature situation

  • In case the heating function fails, stirring will not be discontinued to prevent bumping

  • The extended heating capacity of 800 W reduces heat-up times by 35% compared to other units at 600 W

  • The chemically resistant Kera-Disk® hot plate allows for immediate heat transfer resulting in quick heat-up times

For chemical synthesis, process development, evaporation and work-up

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