Expert precision for the finest quality glassware

Our glass technologists and product specialists have been creating scientific glassware for decades, and we're dedicated to training the next generation of glassblowers.

  • Exceptional quality

    We set high standards to ensure the best quality end product.

  • Unrivalled expertise

    We've been creating glassware for over 50 years, so we're experts in our field.

  • Committed to safety

    All of our glassware is annealed and stress-free before leaving the factory.

  • Repair services available

    Should it be required, we're happy to repair broken glassware.

  • Apprentice training

    We have our own in-house apprentice training programme, ensuring we maintain our skill, quality and experience.

  • Modern workshop

    We have recently invested in a new manufacturing facility and additional equipment, allowing us to keep pace with growing demand.

Custom Glassblowing Service

Custom Glassblowing

Send us a sketch and we’ll
send you a quote

  • Free quotation – Fast delivery
  • Whether you require a small prototype, a standard glassware item or a large vessel, we can help
  • Our glassblowing experts can offer design advice and discuss your specific needs
  • Repairs and modifications also undertaken
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Custom glassware

We can supply customer scientific glassware, whether a variation on an existing product or something completely new. In all cases the item will be drawn up for approval when required, and manufactured by a skilled glassblower.

Product excellence, driven by quality standards

Product excellence, driven by quality standards

All of our glassware is handmade using the best quality borosilicate glass, and as some of our customers are glassblowers themselves, we know they recognise quality when they see it! Throughout the glassblowing process, we regularly check seals, joint sizes, tolerances and wall thickness. Whether we’re following an in-house 3D manufacturing drawing, a sketch or a sample, we ensure total precision right through to the finished product.

Catering for a wide range of industries

We’ve spent years providing chemists and engineers with the glassware they need at leading industrial and academic research facilities worldwide. From pharmaceuticals to polymers, universities to medical research, our sector expertise and experience is wide-spanning. Whether you need a one-off prototype or a complex set-up, we can help.

Glassware Repair Service

Fast, reliable repair services

Just as we take a great amount of care in manufacturing our glassware, we give the same attention to detail when it comes to repairing it. We can provide a regular collection or delivery, as well as a toolkit with everything you’ll need to ship your broken glassware, including safety instructions and cut-resistant gloves. And if an item can’t be repaired, we’ll either return it to you or dispose of it.

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