Touch-screen Control Pad

  • Supplied as standard
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Compact footprint
  • Set automated profiles or use manual control
  • Single or multi-user operation
  • Control heating/cooling and stirring of each zone independently

Optional PC Control Software

  • Integrate and control up to 16 x 3rd party devices such as pumps, balances and pH sensors etc.
  • Create complex experiments with any number of steps
  • Interlink devices and set feedback/control loops and end point conditions
  • Report Wizard creates reports in rich text format or export results in CSV

Control Options​​ – Comparison table

Which Mya Control Option do I need?

Features Touch-screen Control Pad PC Control Software
Touch-screen Control Pad is supplied as standard with Mya 4 Included Optional
Intuitive and easy to use touch-screen control
Compact footprint – fumehood compatible
Maximum 10 steps of 16 hours each
Multi-user – independently run experiment in 4 zones
Control and log the temperature and stirring of each zone independently
Set safety limits
Export experimental profiles and results in CSV via USB memory stick
Adjust parameters manually – using manual/direct mode
Create multi-step recipes – using profile/schedule mode
Flexibility to make and track on-the-fly adjustments to your experiment
Automatically log all data
Share experimental results and recipes with other users
View real-time graphs
Control and log up to 16 x 3rd party devices on one screen
Create complex experiments with any number of steps
Interlink devices and set feedback/control loops and end point conditions
Report Wizard creates detailed reports in RTF or export results in CSV
Log comments
Runs on a Windows laptop


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Control Pad - key features

  1. Control up to 4 different experiments in parallel

  2. Manual or Profile mode

  3. View real-time graphs

  4. Touch screen

  5. Export files and re-run experiments

    • Experiment file
    • CSV data
The interface looks great, it's easy to understand and it's simple to use.MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK

Mya PC Control Software - key features

  1. Add 3rd party devices

    • Select and name devices
    • Set device parameters and safety limits
    • Link devices for dual control e.g. pump and balance for gravimetric additions

  2. Control up to 4 different experiments in parallel

  3. Enhanced safety for unattended operation 24/7

    • Set individual device warning alarms
    • Set emergency safe conditions or reaction shutdown if a sensor limit is exceeded
    • Create safety feedback loops e.g. control a pump addition by process temperature
    • Set user-definable limits or parameters for all devices

  4. 'Track and Repeat'

    • Track what you do, as you do it and record all actions
    • Repeat and refine the schedule to optimise the experiment
    • This clever feature enables automation of a manual process with ease and without any programming knowledge

  5. Create reports and share data

    • Automatically logs and saves all data
    • The report wizard creates detailed reports in rich text format (for word processing) or CSV (for spreadsheets)
    • Share experiments and results with other Mya software users

  6. Graph data and modify experiments on-the-fly

    • View real-time graphs
    • Stop, pause or skip steps and modify experiments mid-run
    • Add or remove steps as the timeline progresses
    • Add notes in the Event log


  7. Select Direct or Schedule control

    • Control devices directly via the apparatus window or
    • Use the Schedule Window to create experiment profiles e.g. create ramps, plateaus and timed actions

Control external devices

The Mya PC Control Software will control and log common 3rd party devices from this list:

  • Syringe Pumps
  • pH Sensors
  • Peristaltic Pumps
  • Balances
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Gas Flow Controllers
  • Pressure Sensors

Mya Control Software integrates devices from a variety of manufacturers

  • Mya Control Software includes a library of pre-configured driver files allowing easy integration with a wide range of 3rd party devices.
  • Radleys also provide a ‘New Driver Configuration Service’ if required.
  • Our Driver Library includes various models from the following manufacturers:

Syringe Pump
Syringe Pump Harvard
New Era
pH Sensors pH Sensors Knick
Peristaltic Pumps Peristaltic Pumps Cole-Parmer
Watson Marlow
Balances Balances A&D
Vacuum Pumps Vacuum Pumps Vacuubrand
Gas Flow Controller Gas Flow Controller Bronkhorst
Pressure Sensors Pressure Sensors Omega
Temperature Sensors Temperature Sensors Generic
Mya 4 CS 3

Download and try the software for free

To evaluate Mya Control Software you can download a free Demo version.

  • Learn how the features of the software work
  • Simulate control of devices
  • Set up apparatus and create schedules
  • Share set ups and schedules with other Mya users
  • Analyse results and create reports for real or simulated data
Download free demo software

Minimum computer requirements to operate Mya Control Software

Operating system Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2/3, Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8 and 10
CPU Duo core 1.9 GHz processor
Memory 2GB RAM minimal, 4GB RAM recommended
Hard disk 30GB minimal, 5400rpm
Graphics Intel® HD Graphics
Additional information Microsoft .Net drivers required
Internet 8 web explorer or equivalent
Once license is activated on a PC it is NOT possible to move it