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Automation of chemical processes and remote data-logging in R&D laboratories

This webinar will be a case study of a scale-up group, using an automated addition to control an exothermic reaction, and the use of safety feedback loops to pause and restart the addition based on process temperature. At this time of social distancing in our laboratories when we need to minimise the number of people in the lab, automation and data-logging can help.

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Wed 30th Sept | 16:00  Thurs 1st Oct | 08:30

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Introducing - Productivity and Parallel Chemistry tools

An introduction to the range of productivity and parallel chemistry tools in the Radleys range with a live demonstration and hands on approach.

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The Heidolph Distimatic – automating your rotary evaporator for continuous, unattended solvent removal

An in depth look at the Heidolph Distimatic, which automates rotary evaporators to remove bottlenecks to the solvent removal process. Including a full hands-on demonstration of the equipment.

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Webinar #8 Hotplates and Add-Ons

Hotplates & add-ons to make your chemistry lab a safer and cleaner place to work

With safer, cleaner and greener working practices high on the agenda for lab managers and user’s, we talk you through simple but effective changes you can make to improve the way you do your chemistry.

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Jacketed Lab Reactor Webinar Image

The benefits of Jacketed Lab Reactors and considerations when choosing a system

When scaling up or down chemical processes, good temperature control is vital for reliable and repeatable results. Discussing the benefits of Jacketed Lab Reactors and considerations when choosing a system.

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Webinar #6 Carousel in detail

Carousel 6 and Carousel 12 in detail - Productivity and Parallel Chemistry tools

A hands-on walk through the Carousel 6 and 12 in detail. We look at all the tools and accessories in this range and then run through the operation and setup.

We include information on using a Carousel, how to dry the system, running efficient reflux experiments and any necessary maintenance.

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Webinar #5 Introducing - Mya 4

Introducing - Mya 4 Reaction Station for reaction optimisation and process development

Taking you through the Mya 4 range using a live demonstration hands-on approach. Mya 4 is highly flexible reaction station with 4 independent zones for accurate temperature control and reaction optimisation.

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Webinar #4 - PC Control Software

For Mya 4 users: PC Control Software tour of the key features and making the most of your software

For Mya 4 users only

Watch again to learn the differences between the Mya 4 Control Pad and the PC control software and which one would suit your application best.

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