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How to keep your reactor ready webinar

How to keep your Reactor, ready

Maintenance of your Jacketed Lab Reactor system.

In this webinar we will cover how to perform routine checks and maintenance on your Jacketed Lab Reactor to ensure that you achieve efficient mixing, accurate temperature control and good sealing when performing your chemistry.

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How to run unattended experiments safely

Are you running your overnight reactions safely?

Are you running your overnight reactions unsafely? Lab control software can help you perform safe and efficient unattended reactions

In this webinar we will discuss how reactions can be data logged as well as safety feedback loops put in place to ensure that reactions can be left unattended overnight or longer by using lab control software.

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How to achieve efficient temperature control when using JLRs - On Demand

How to achieve efficient temperature control when using Jacketed Lab Reactors

When it comes to chemical reactions in both R&D and production processes, achieving the right temperature is crucial. In this webinar we will be joined by Dr Paddy Delaney from Huber to discuss the factors that influence temperature control when using jacketed lab reactors as well as advice on how to improve the performance of your system.

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Webinar 24 on demand

Benefits of overhead stirring on a small scale

Join us to discuss the benefits of overhead stirring on a small scale:

  • Are you using magnetic or overhead stirring for small scale research and process development?
  • What’s the difference and why does it matter?
  • What factors can be affected when moving from magnetically stirred reactions to overhead and how might this help improve your chemical development and scale up?
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How Purolite improved their process development - website

Beyond the White Paper - How Purolite improved their process development with Mya 4

Based on a white paper on the same topic, Dr Patrick Gilbert from Purolite explains how his R&D group greatly improved their small-scale Process development and DoE work.

Data-led, this case study presentation shows you how this was achieved.

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Webinar #23 - Why you dont need a bigger rotary evaporator - Website On Demand

Why you don't need a bigger rotary evaporator - just add continuous evaporation

Learn how the new Heidolph Distimatic Pro automates rotary evaporation processes on industrial scale (>20 L), completely eliminating the need for users to manually refill and empty flasks, for complete automated evaporation.

In this webinar Ravi Hosein (Radleys) and Jurgen Heyder (Heidolph) will show you how the new Distimatic Pro and Reactor-Ready Pilot work in tandem for automated operation.

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Small-scale process development on demand

Why you might be doing your small-scale process development wrong

Are you using round bottom flasks with heating only equipment for your small-scale process development chemistry? Do you find these experiments don’t scale up as well as you would like?

Let’s talk about what’s wrong with this traditional set up and what you can do to improve it.

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The benefits of Jacketed Lab Reactors and considerations when choosing a system

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When purchasing a jacketed lab reactor setup for scaling up your process, there are many considerations to be made.

In this webinar we cover the fundamental points of specifying the right reactor and ancillary devices to ensure that you get the optimal performance of your jacketed lab reactor system for scale-up and process development.

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How to improve rotary evaporation processes

How to improve rotary evaporation processes – Radleys, VACUUBRAND & Heidolph

We discuss the importance of vacuum control in common lab applications, covering the different types of vacuum pumps used in the lab and best practices for using and maintaining them. We also focus on rotary evaporation and how vacuum affects bumping and foaming of products, ways to mitigate these, plus tips to make your evaporation processes more efficient.

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Webinar - Stirring viscous reactions - save space and time with Tornado

Stirring viscous reactions - save space and time with Tornado

Do you require mechanical stirring on small scale reactions? E.g. viscous materials, heterogeneous mixtures, fragile solids?

Join us to see the Tornado Overhead Stirring System in action. Save time and space for the overhead stirring of multiple reactions in round bottom flasks.

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Webinar Reaction System Design

Reaction system design – Learn from the experts

Watch a preview here

In this webinar we look at some considerations when designing a jacketed lab reactor system and their implications.

We then follow on with some bespoke design options available for our jacketed reactors, where we review a variety of subjects including reactor geometry, thermal fluid connections, lid port design, drain valves and more illustrated with some examples of custom systems we have done for users.

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Streamline your process development toolkit

Streamline your process development toolkit

When choosing the kit you will use for your Process R&D chemistry, there are many considerations to be made.

If you’re currently using hotplates, ice baths and jacketed reactors for your small-scale Process R&D chemistry, how could you consolidate this work with a single piece of equipment?

In this webinar we discuss the most common needs for process chemistry and introduce the Mya 4 Reaction station for screening reactions to small scale Design of Experiment.

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Reactor Customisation and Glassblowing capability webinar

Reactor Customisation options and Glassblowing capability

Mark Radley shows you inside our glass blowing workshop for a live demonstration then on to a technical discussion on the bespoke design options for all Radleys reactors.

*please note that due to a technical interruption the start is missing from the recording.

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Hei-VAP Best practices webinar

Best practices and how to get the most out of your Rotary Evaporator

Rotary Evaporation principles explained

In this webinar you’ll learn about the principles behind rotary evaporation, the basics of using a rotary evaporator, how to make your evaporations more efficient and also how to maintain your rotary evaporator to increase its life span.

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Humble hotplate webinar

Unleash your humble hotplate – it can do so much more than you think

Are you making the most of your hotplate?

Louisa Quegan and Keren Abecassis share their chemistry lab hacks: showing you a range of tools you might not know about.

From 1 position to 45 on a single hotplate – with working volumes between 0.5 ml and 2.5 L. Lou and Keren discuss their personal experience in the lab using traditional methods vs. this range of tools.

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E3 webinar image

Automation of chemical processes and remote data-logging in R&D laboratories

This webinar will be a case study of a scale-up group, using an automated addition to control an exothermic reaction, and the use of safety feedback loops to pause and restart the addition based on process temperature. At this time of social distancing in our laboratories when we need to minimise the number of people in the lab, automation and data-logging can help.

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Introducing Parallel Chemistry Tools

Introducing - Productivity and Parallel Chemistry tools

An introduction to the range of productivity and parallel chemistry tools in the Radleys range with a live demonstration and hands on approach.

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The Heidolph Distimatic – automating your rotary evaporator for continuous, unattended solvent removal

An in depth look at the Heidolph Distimatic, which automates rotary evaporators to remove bottlenecks to the solvent removal process. Including a full hands-on demonstration of the equipment.

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Webinar #8 Hotplates and Add-Ons

Hotplates & add-ons to make your chemistry lab a safer and cleaner place to work

With safer, cleaner and greener working practices high on the agenda for lab managers and user’s, we talk you through simple but effective changes you can make to improve the way you do your chemistry.

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Webinar #6 Carousel in detail

Productivity and Parallel Chemistry tools - Carousel 6 and Carousel 12 in detail

A hands-on walk through the Carousel 6 and 12 in detail. We look at all the tools and accessories in this range and then run through the operation and setup.

We include information on using a Carousel, how to dry the system, running efficient reflux experiments and any necessary maintenance.

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Mya 4 - Live hands on Demo

Live hands-on demonstration of the Mya 4 Reaction Station

Watch a preview here

Introduction to the Mya 4 Reaction Station range from Radleys – hands-on live demonstration and Q&A. Mya 4 is highly flexible reaction station with 4 independent zones for accurate temperature control and reaction optimisation.

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Webinar #4 - PC Control Software

Mya 4 PC Control Software tour of the key features and making the most of your software

Watch ‘Introducing – Mya Reaction Station’ before you watch this.

Once you’ve seen a demonstration of the Mya 4 Reaction Station, watch this to learn differences between the Mya 4 Control Pad and the PC control software and which one would suit your application best.

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