Webinars - from our experts

Webinar #2 - Automation

Automation of chemical processes and remote data-logging in R&D laboratories

Wednesday 8th July | 11:00 BST | 30 mins

At this time of social distancing in our laboratories when we need to minimise the number of people in the lab; automation and data-logging can help chemists to continue their chemical research and development under safe, controlled conditions.

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Webinar #3 - Hei-VAPs

Best practices and how to get the most out of your Rotary Evaporator

Tuesday 14th July | 11:00 BST | 45 mins

In this webinar we will learn about the principles behind rotary evaporation, the basics of using a rotary evaporator, how to make your evaporations more efficient, and also how to maintain your rotary evaporator to increase its life span.

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E3 Webinar #4 - PC Control Software

For Mya 4 users: PC Control Software tour of the key features and making the most of your software

Thursday 23rd July | 09:00 BST | 30 mins

Existing Mya 4 users: you are invited to join us to learn the differences between the Mya 4 Control Pad and the PC Control Software and which one would best suit your application, plus a tour of the key features and benefits of the Control Software, and how to make the most of the software if you already use it.

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