Huber Accessories

Accessories tried and tested in practice for perfect interaction with Huber temperature control machines. The highest material quality and functionality guarantee reliability and the best temperature control results.

The range of accessories offers all you need to operate your temperature control system: baths, hoses, thermal fluids, adaptors, Pt100 sensors, software, interfaces and much more.

Huber Accessories


We can offer a wide range of Huber accessories to compliment your temperature control units

  • Controllers
  • Pt100 sensors
  • Software & interfaces
  • Adaptors & splitters


  • Hoses & insulations
  • Pump technology
  • Trolleys
  • Baths, Bath racks & covers


Thermal fluids for optimal heat transfer

Huber thermofluids are recommended for many temperature control applications because they have the best possible thermodynamic and environmental characteristics. Safe reliable operation relies on compliance with safety standards to ensure optimal results.

Thermofluids/DescriptionTemp. range °C Viscosity mm²/s @ 25°COrder no. 20 LOrder no. 10 L Order no. 5 L
DW-Therm*M90.200.02 -90 to +2002n/a6479n/a
DW-Therm HT*P20.340.32+20 to +34032 n/a66736672
MinOilP20.190.40+20 to +190406156n/a6155
SynOilM10.120.08-10 to +1208n/a96859684
SilOilP20.275.50+20 to +27550 n/a61586157
SilOilM20.195/235.20-20 to +195/23520 n/a61626161
SilOilM40.165/220.10-40 to +165/22010 n/a61646163
SilOilM60.115/200.05-60 to +115/2005 n/a61666165
SilOilM80.055.03-80 to +553 n/a61686167
SilOilM80.100/250.03-80 to +110/2503 n/a62766275
SilOilM90.055/170.03-90 to +55/1703 n/a62596258

The product name gives information about the characteristics, e.g.: SilOil M80.055.03 = Minus 80 °C … +55 °C with 3 mm²/s Viscosity at 25 °C

* DW-Therm and DW-Therm HT: Both thermofluids exclusively for Unistats. Above a working temperature of 170°C an inert gas blanket must be used (e.g. with Breather controller #9771, Sealing kit #9402).

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