Custom Jacketed Reaction Systems

Radleys are experts in the design and manufacture of exceptional quality scientific glassware

We have a long history (over 50 years) of working with chemists and chemical engineers in the leading industrial and academic research facilities around the world. Whether you require a multi-vessel process rig, a small benchtop reactor or a complex parallel set-up, our team of design engineers and scientific glassblowers will be pleased to help with your project.

Custom Jacketed Reaction System design

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The combination of features and design variations is almost limitless. Please contact our technical specialists or your local Radleys distributor to discuss your requirements.

We can design a system to meet your budget.

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Scope of our services

Custom Jacketed Reaction Systems from 100 ml to 30 litres - our team of experienced engineers and expert scientific glassblowers can design and create the perfect jacketed reactions system to meet your specifications and budget

  • In-house design and manufacture

  • Frameworks and supports

  • Thermoregulators, chillers and circulators

  • Overhead stirrers, sensors and probes

  • Data-logging and software control

  • Installation and training

Custom Jacketed Reaction Systems


  • Single and vacuum jacketed
  • Jacketed vessels to 30 litres
  • Temperatures up to 230 ⁰C with Reactor-Ready connections
  • Temperatures up to 200 ⁰C with traditional connections
  • Vacuum jacketed vessels to 10 litres
  • Tall, squat and process vessel geometries
Custom Jacketed Reaction Systems


  • Cylindrical or spherical vessels
  • Conical, dish and hemispherical vessel bottoms
  • Vessels with: optical windows or split jackets
  • Vessels with: fixed or removable filters or sinters
  • Glass or PTFE lids
Custom Jacketed Reaction Systems


  • Multi-reactor systems for parallel synthesis
  • Fermenters, bioreactors and photoreactors
  • Condensers, distillation assemblies, scrubbers
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Custom Jacketed Reaction System accessories


  • Thermoregulators with supply and servicing
  • Thermofluids, hoses and adapters
  • Overhead stirrers: electrical and air-powered
  • Stands, supports and frameworks
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The team are very pleased with the results and correlation they are now getting between the lab research and process productions scaleProcess R&D department, India
Reaction System Design - On Demand

Webinar: Reaction system design – Learn from the experts

Watch a preview here

In this webinar we look at some considerations when designing a jacketed lab reactor system and their implications.

We then follow on with some bespoke design options available for our jacketed reactors, where we review a variety of subjects including reactor geometry, thermal fluid connections, lid port design, drain valves and more illustrated with some examples of custom systems we have done for users.

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The benefits of Jacketed Lab Reactors and considerations when choosing a system - On Demand

Webinar: The benefits of Jacketed Lab Reactors and considerations when choosing a system

Watch a preview here

When purchasing a jacketed lab reactor setup for scaling up your process, there are many considerations to be made.

In this webinar we cover the fundamental points of specifying the right reactor and ancillary devices to ensure that you get the optimal performance of your jacketed lab reactor system for scale-up and process development.

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