Precision Thermoregulation

Precision thermoregulation

Unistats have the most up-to-date pump technology and provide optimal recirculation to increase the through-flow volume and significantly improve heat transfer to an object. The rapid response in programmed temperature changes help deliver predictable and reproducible results.

Secure Process

Process Security

Unistats provide assurance that temperature-dependent processes in your laboratory or production processes will run exactly as required

Process Stability

Unistats provide precise and reliable control of all thermodynamic parameters so that you can reach your goal without making compromises

Advantages in practice

Responsive thermodynamics for fast control behaviour for chemical processes.

Process stability and reproducible results at any time for solid research work.

Extremely fast heating and cooling rate due to small internal volumes.

Intelligent TAC function continually monitors performance and automatically tunes the PID parameters for optimum control.

Broad range

Broad working temperature ranges without liquid change and long life.

Wide range of models with covering different temperature ranges and cooling capacities of up to 130 kW for laboratory and production.

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Unistat and Tango Thermoregulators

Unistats are not comparable with conventional temperature control engineering: there are no alternatives thermodynamically

  • Safe

    Designed for demanding temperature control applications requiring the highest safety standards

  • Dynamic

    Hydraulically-sealed, re-circulating thermostats for temperatures between -125 °C and +425 °C

  • Accurate

    The ideal choice for accurate and responsive control of a wide variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and semi-conductor markets

Process Safety

  • Unistats provide an option to allow the circulation pump and compressor to continue to work despite an over temperature trip. This allows controlled heat removal and protects your thermally controlled products from being destroyed.


  • Unitstats only require de-gassing after each application set up. As a result uncontrolled conditions during normal operation will be minimised.

Hydraulically sealed

  • Volume changed due to fluid temperature fluctuations are equalised by the expansion vessel. The fluid in the expansion vessel hydraulically seals the fluid circuit and prevents early oxidation.

Touchscreen Colour Display

  • The large, graphic touchscreen aids operation and shows convenient display of temperature runs directly on the machine. Therefore essential application parameters are always in view.


  • Unistats offer numerous possibilities for data communication. RS232, Ethernet and USB interfaces are fitted as standard, as well as various analogue interfaces.

Temperature Control

  • The intelligent temperature control TAC analyses the controlled fluid circuit continuously, and adjusts the control parameters automatically. The result is the best control results even with difficult applications.

Pressure Control

  • The pressure control VPC continuously monitors the pressure in the connected application and therefore protects the sensitive glass reactor from breakage.


  • Unistats have a high power to volume ratio (Watts/Litre). In practice, Unistats offer a very high speed of temperature change in the region of several hundreds of Kelvin per hour.

Space saving design

  • Unistats have a compact design requiring little space. The power to volume ratio (Watts/cm) according to DIN12876 documents the extremely small space requirement of the Unistats.

Heat Transfer

  • Powerful circulation pumps and a large hose cross section ensure maximum flow rates and optimum heat transfer.

Unistat and Tango Thermoregulators Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Huber Tango


The entry level in the world of Unistats. The compact dimensions and excellent thermodynamics make the  Tango ideal
for precise temperature control of research reactors.

  • Down to -45 °C working temperature
  • Up to 0.7 kW cooling power
  • Up to 55 l/min pump capacity
  • Pilot ONE touch screen controller
Unistats 600 series

Unistats down to -60 °C

The Unistats 600 series are our most powerful devices and offer very high
cooling capacities of up to 130 kW. These devices are the first choice for applications with high cooling requirements for temperatures down to -60 °C.

  • Down to -60 °C working temperature
  • Up to 130 kW cooling power
  • Up to 130 l/min pump capacity
  • Pilot ONE touch screen controller
Unistats 900 and 1000 series

Unistats down to -120 °C

The Unistats 900 and 1000 series are optimised for low temperature applications down to -120 °C. These devices are suited for temperature syntheses
as well as material tests and temperature simulations with very low temperatures.

  • Down to -120 °C working temperature
  • Up to 36 kW cooling power
  • Up to 130 l/min pump capacity
  • Pilot ONE touch screen controller

Unistats HT up to +425 °C

Unistats T300 and T400 series control temperatures in a highly precise and space-saving manner up to + 425 °C. They set the standard for safety, ease of use and temperature control speed.
HT models are equipped with stepper motor controlled water cooling.

  • Up to +425 °C temperature range
  • Up to 48 kW heating power
  • Up to 60 l/min pump capacity
  • Pilot ONE touch screen controller

Petite Fleur and Grande Fleur

These small Tangos mark the entry level into the world of Unistats. Working temperatures from -40 to +200 °C.

  • The compact dimensions and unique thermodynamics make the Petite Fleur and Grande Fleur ideal for precise temperature control of research reactors

  • In a direct comparison to other devices in this price class, these systems stand alone when it comes to the highest temperature control speed

Huber petite fleur

Petite Fleur and Grande Fleur

  • Precise and reproducible temperature control results
  • Fastest heating and cooling rates
  • Wide temperature ranges with no fluid change
  • Pilot ONE controller with 5.7“ touchscreen and comfortable menu navigation
  • Precise temperature control
Petite Fleur and Grande Fleur

Petite Fleur and Grande Fleur

  • Efficient circulation pump, adjustable
  • 2 x USB (Host and Device), Ethernet and RS232 interfaces
  • Efficient operation saves working time and operating costs
  • Proven functionality for the process industry
Huber Grand Fleur

Petite Fleur

The Petite Fleur is the smallest and entry level Unistat for temperature control applications in the mid range  -40°C to 200°C.  The unit features the familiar Unistat expansion tank and the large illuminated sight glass.

Huber Grand Fleur

Grande Fleur

The new Grande Fleur expands the product offering in the dynamic temperature control range. The compact dimensions and unique thermodynamics mean it is ideally suited for high precision temperature control of research reactors. The Grande Fleur offers all of the great performance and features of the Unistat series, achieving unrivalled heating and cooling rates