Breeze Heating/Cooling Work Station

Designed as an add-on module for the Carousel 6 Plus and Tornado, Breeze creates a ‘Parallel Process Reactor’ for controlled heating and cooling. Breeze is ideal for applications that require fast and precise solution temperature control, such as crystallisation studies.

Breeze Heating/Cooling Work Station

  • Rapidly heat/cool, multiple or individual flasks up to 5 litres
  • Thermofluid range of -85 °C to +235 °C; providing a solution temperature of -30 °C to +165 °C.
  • 135 mm ø top plate integrates with the Carousel 6 Plus, Tornado, Heat-On and other reaction blocks
  • Breeze’s small internal volume ensures a quick response to changes in thermofluid temperature
Breeze Heating/Cooling Work Station

  • Internal design maximises heat transfer from the thermofluid to the top plate and minimises temperature variation across the surface.
  • Mechanical stirring provided by Tornado or overhead stirrer.
  • M16 hose connections, suitable for all popular brands of circulator.
Removable stand and drip tray

Removable stand and drip tray

Breeze comes with a removable aluminium stand and stainless steel support rods that ensure the set-up is sturdy and safe. The stand also acts as a drip tray for any spills or condensation that may form when being used at sub-ambient temperatures.

What is the difference between Breeze and Storm?



Breeze™ Heating/Cooling Work Station
Small bench-top footprint and no insulation; resulting in a narrower operating range of -30 °C to +165 °C. Yet because it is smaller, Breeze has a much faster response time to required changes in temperature. This makes Breeze more suitable for applications that require solution control such as crystallisation studies.



Features a sophisticated internal fluid path that combines with a high performance insulated case to maximise thermal transfer. These features create a temperature control module that has a wide operating range with excellent heat transfer, making Storm ideal for steady state reactions from -65 ˚C to +200 ˚C that require stable temperatures for extended periods, with minimal variation across the heated surface.

  • Affordable and compact
  • 16 mm hose fittings (adapters available)

  • Anodised aluminium block heats or cools rapidly
  • Includes removable stand/drip tray combination with integral support rods

  • Aluminium block can be easily unscrewed from the drip tray

Technical Data
Solution Temperature Range

Thermofluid Operating Limits

-30 ˚C to +165 ˚C

-85 ˚C to +235 ˚C

Control by Solution Temperature Yes
Typical Applications Variable temperature applications such as crystallisation
Hose Fittings M16 (16 mm)
Dimensions (mm) 135 x 80
Insulated No
Weight without stand 1.6 kg
Weight with stand 3.2 kg

Breeze Heating/Cooling Work Station

RR96210   Breeze Heating/Cooling Work Station and Stand
M16 Hose connections 

Insulated Hoses

HB6084     Insulated Hose – 100cm, with M16 Thread
HB6085     Insulated Hose – 150cm, with M16 Thread
HB6136     Insulated Hose – 200cm, with M16 Thread
HB6255     Insulated Hose – 300cm, with M16 Thread

HB6784     Insulated Hose – 100cm, with M24 Thread
HB6785     Insulated Hose – 150cm, with M24 Thread
HB6786     Insulated Hose – 200cm, with M24 Thread
HB6787     Insulated Hose – 300cm, with M24 Thread

Hose Adapters and Valves

HB6945     M16 Female to M24 Male Adapter
HB6431     M16 Female to M30 Male Adapter
HB6195     M16 90 Degree Adapter
HB6091     M16 Ball Valve
RR96316   M16 Thread Protection Cap

Hose Adapters and Valves

HB6724     M24 Female to M16 Male Adapter
HB6723     M24 Female to M30 Male Adapter
HB9256     M24 90 Degree Adapter
HB9236     M24 Ball Valve
RR96336   M24 Thread Protection Cap

HB6454     M30 Female to M16 Male Adapter
HB9268     M30 Female to M24 Male Adapter
HB6461     M30 90 Degree Adapter
HB6451     M30 Ball Valve
RR96348   M30 Thread Protection Cap


HB6164     Silicone Oil -40°C to +165°C – 10 litre
HB6162     Silicone Oil -20°C to +235°C – 10 litre
HB6479     DWTherm -90°C to +200°C – 10 litre

Typical cooling and heating profiles for Breeze

Breeze Stepped Temperature Profile using a Huber Ministat 230