Postgraduate research student chooses Findenser for experiment with particularly unpredictable reagent.

Scottish University and Findenser

Organisation: University in Scotland

Department: Chemistry

Country: Scotland

Product: Findenser

Case Study No: CS1082

The situation

A Postgraduate research student looking for a water-free condenser, tested a Findenser borrowed from the Teaching labs in the building. Even though an alternative was available, the feedback was that the Findenser was “fantastic” and the labs would be replacing the condensers with Findensers.

The objective

Whilst he already had an alternative condenser, he decided to test out a Findenser. The feedback was incredibly positive and Findensers have since been purchased for the lab.

The results

The full size Findenser is being used on the experiment with the unpredictable reagent, amongst others.

I tested one of Radleys Findensers – our teaching labs had quite a few – and the thing is amazing! I’ve since put in an order, with possibly another order coming soon.Chemistry Department, University in Scotland