By replacing water condensers with Findensers on the exhaust of rotary evaporator vacuum pumps, the University of Cardiff are saving over 3000 litres of water per day.

University of Cardiff laboratory using Findenser

Contacts: Rob Ashton

Organisation: University of Cardiff

Department: Chemistry teaching laboratories

Country: United Kingdom

Product: Findenser

Case Study No CS1042


The University of Cardiff were using bespoke water condensers to trap exhaust gases in their teaching laboratories. Several were needed which were expensive to purchase.


Replace the bespoke water condensers which were too expensive to duplicate in the new teaching laboratory.


  • The University of Cardiff are now able to use Findensers on the exhaust of rotary evaporator vacuum pumps instead of expensive water condensers.
  • ~3000 litres of water per day are being saved, reducing the cost to purchase and dispose of this water.
  • The water savings will help the University of Cardiff meet its overall reduction target of a 3% reduction per m2 per annum.
The Findensers are just as efficient and more cost effective than bespoke water condensers, giving a clean, clutter-free appearance to the bench tops while saving significantly on water usage.