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Special solutions

Our thermoregulation solutions for special applications. Including, for example, the Forcier test thermostats for determining the shelf life of beer. One special solution for installation in plant is the “Hotbox“ – a product range with compact circulation heating devices for external open temperature control applications. We can also offer custom solutions – just get in touch.

Huber CT50 cold trap

CT50 Cold Trap

The Huber CT50 cold trap offers direct, rapid cooling to temperatures as low as -50°C as well as low operating costs. Its compact design takes up minimal space on the laboratory bench. Thanks to the natural refrigerant, the cold trap works in an environmentally friendly manner. The evaporator is made of stainless steel, and on request can be coated with resistant polytetrafluoroethylene, ceramic polymers etc. The cold trap comes with a drip tray, and a glass accessory set is also available to order. The CT50 cold trap can be connected to rotary evaporators or any other application requiring low temperatures for solvent recovery.

Beer Force Ageing Test Bath

Beer Force Ageing Test Bath

Air-cooled heating/cooling bath circulator for beer force ageing test for the determination of the shelf life of beers. The device is equipped with a programme encoder for automatic temperature cycles. Due to the constant temperature change between 0 °C and 40 °C / 0 °C and +60 °C in the cycle time of 24 hours, an artificial aging of the beer is simulated.

Huber Calibration Bath

Calibration bath

Calibration baths are used in Quality Assurance in industry and research. The modular concept is based on the combination of a calibration bath with a Unistat. This determines the temperature range and the speed of change of temperature. The calibration bath made out of stainless steel is constructed like a calorimeter and allows good homogeneity. Calibration bath with a diameter of 118 millimetres and a bath depth of 384 millimetres are offered to calibrate measurement and control sensors. The calibration space is free accessible and symmetrical. The upper edge is designed for taking a bearing with a thread for glass thermometers and, in the other side, creates a sealing ending for a customer-specific bath cover.

Huber Hotbox

Hotbox heating circulators

Circulation heaters suited for temperature control of externally open systems in compact design and for installation in systems. They are equipped
with stainless steel circulation pump and adjustable overtemperature protection according to DIN 12876.


  • Efficient circulation pump
  • Digital level display
  • Pt100 external sensor connection
  • Compact design, suited for installation in systems
Huber Heat transfer station

HTS circulation heat exchangers

Heat exchanger systems with circulation pump for connection to cooling water on the primary side. The devices provide a cooling circuit with stable pressure/flow and adjustable operating temperature. The cooling capacity is
generated using a plate heat exchanger via the cooling water. Since there is no active cooling machine, the devices operate in a quiet and energy-saving manner and are a cost-effective alternative to conventional chillers e.g. for the temperature control of Peltier elements, bioreactors, etc.

Custom Huber Solutions

Custom-made solutions

If you need a temperature control solution which is specially adapted to your needs, then speak with us. We are happy to advise you personally and to present you with suitable solution approaches or to show you already realised reference projects with comparable requirements.

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