Findenser offers safe, efficient alternative to traditional water condensers, with no running water!

Case Western Reserve University Findenser

Contacts: Marc Rubin

Organisation: Case Western Reserve University

Country: USA

Product: Findenser

Case Study No: CS1066

The situation

Previously they were using traditional water condensers in their teaching labs. The problem was a poor water supply, erratic flow and pressure. The water temperature was too hot in summer leading to inefficient cooling. The University had made a commitment to reduce water consumption and increase efficiency of containing solvents, and were looking for solutions to help them.

The objective

The aim was to have a more reliable condensing, year-round, to reduce water usage and to reduce tubing and the risk of detached water tubes due to over pressure.

The results

  • More reliable condensation than traditional water condensers
  • Excellent performance even with low boiling point solvents like dichloromethane
  • Less solvent lost to environment
  • Safer chemistry – no risk of flooding
I aim to eliminate all use of pass-through water cooling on campus. The Findenser is the solution.Marc Rubin, Case Western Reserve University