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Sustainability in academic labs – simple tools for green benchtop chemistry - On Demand

Sustainability in academic labs – simple tools for green benchtop chemistry

Chemistry labs are amongst the most intensive consumers of energy and water. In this webinar, we look at where these resources are being used in university labs and identify areas that can be affected by individual scientists and groups. Water-cooled condensers and heating equipment are some of the worst culprits, so we discuss the issues and look at some improvements and alternatives that can be used to dramatically cut water and energy waste.

The discussion is driven by data from ourselves, universities, and non-profit environmental groups.

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Hotplates and Add-Ons - On demand

Webinar: Hotplates & add-ons to make your chemistry lab a safer and cleaner place to work

With safer, cleaner and greener working practices high on the agenda for lab managers and users in academia, we talk you through simple but effective changes you can make to improve the way you do your chemistry.


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Humble hotplate webinar - On Demand

Webinar: Unleash your humble hotplate – it can do so much more than you think

Do you know how versatile your hotplate can be? Are you making the most of it?

In this webinar we will show you a range of tools to make the most of your hotplate. From 0.5 ml to 2.5 L working volumes, from one sample at a time to 45 on a single hotplate, whether you are heating or cooling, we have a variety of options.

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