Using Findensers with Hei Connect hotplates provides control and peace of mind for their unattended reactions - energy saving and safety combined

University of Birmingham Findenser

Contact: Michael Butlin

Organisation: University of Birmingham

Department: School of Chemistry

Country: UK

Product: Findenser and Heidolph MR Hei-Connect

Case Study No: CS1101

The Situation

Water cooled condenser caused issues with unpredictable water flow and extra tubing in the fume hood. Hotplates did not have time control so would be heating for an unnecessary amount of time if left on overnight.

The Objective

The aim was to free up fumehood space and make it tidier, to reduce the risk of flooding the fume hood, and to have more control over the time reactions can be heated for.

The Result

Radleys provided the Findenser and Hei-connect hotplate. They then followed up to find out if we liked the equipment and listened to our comments about it.

Result was a tidy and safer fumehood!

Findensers and the Hei-Connect hotplate provide much more control and peace of mind when your reactions are unattendedMichael Butlin, School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham