Contacts: Senior Technician

Organisation: Loughborough University

Department: STEM Laboratory

Country: UK

Product: Hei-Vap Value Digital rotary evaporators, Vacuubrand MD1C vacuum pumps and Huber Minichillers


Loughborough University is one of the UK’s leading centres of excellence for teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The STEMLab provides state-of-the-art learning facilities for students covering most of their Science and Engineering disciplines on campus.

Prior moving in to the new STEMLab, old rotary evaporators were used with water aspirators to provide the vacuum. To provide cooling for the condensers, tap water was used which went down the drain.

The users did not want to move their existing setups to the new labs due to the age of the equipment as well as needing rotary evaporators with a smaller footprint due to space constraints on the benchtops.


  • The users wanted to have a more sustainable solution for their rotary evaporator setups
  • Maximise benchtop space.


Radleys supplied Hei-Vap Value Digital rotary evaporators along with Vacuubrand MD1C vacuum pumps and Huber Minichillers.

“Using the new vacuum pumps, which have built in digital vacuum control, has enabled teaching of balance between pressure and temperature for individual solvents. The speed that the solvent is removed enables more students to use the kit during their sessions. Pumps are extremely user friendly and the rotary evaporators are robust and easy to use. Considering the use they get they are still in great working order (4+ years on). The chillers are providing excellent solvent capture, ensuring the air and environment is solvent free and safe, plus we are saving considerably on our water consumption.”

[All] great products that I would recommend. We are also provided with annual health checks by Radleys to ensure the kit is in prime condition prior to the start of the new academic yearSenior Technician, Loughborough University