Environmental prize awarded to Huber

Date: Nov 30, 2016
Environmental Award for Huber

Huber receives “Environmental Prize 2016” from the state of Baden-Württemberg and Environmental Minister Franz Untersteller presents the award in Stuttgart

  • Award for exemplary environmental protection and sustainable business practices
  • Prize recipients serve as role models; they demonstrate courage and ecological responsibility
  • Judging panel with representatives from the areas of business, environmental protection and various ministries select Huber as winner in the category of manufacturing companies

The Environmental Minister Franz Untersteller awarded the “Environmental Prize for Companies 2016” to Peter Huber in the category of manufacturing companies. Huber is a pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly chillers and temperature control devices. Huber switched to CFC-free refrigeration machines at an early stage and has advanced the distribution of natural refrigerants such as CO2, propane and isobutane.

At the official event in Stuttgart, Environmental Minister Untersteller noted: “We distinguish firms which are courageous and exemplary on company environmental protection and sustainable management. It is remarkable how some companies are implementing the principle of sustainability within their business practices.”

Sustainability is also a core concern at Huber: 100% green electricity, its own photovoltaic system and an exemplary concept for building climate control through heat recovery and groundwater cooling are just a few of the environmental measures Huber has implemented. In addition, the company offers a bicycle leasing programme to its employees, it procures goods according to ecological guidelines and it obtains climate-neutral printing products.

Green ideas and successful business practices are not opposed but rather supplement one another. Untersteller went on to note that more and more companies are recognising the opportunities provided by sustainable management:

“Those who reduce their energy and raw material consumption through environmental management strengthen their own competitiveness and future prospects. This practice also contributes to conserving our natural foundations for life.”

The Environmental Prize for Companies has been awarded since 1993. “The nominated and award-winning companies are role models. They demonstrate impressive entrepreneurial boldness along with ecological and social responsibility,” explained the Minister of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector. 

A judging panel comprising of representatives from economic organisations, environmental and climate protection associations and ministries of the state decided the prize winners.


Huber Kältemaschinenbau AG

Huber Kältemaschinenbau AG develops and manufactures innovative and environmentally friendly temperature control devices. The company employs a staff of 246 and applied for the Environmental Prize for the first time. The jury was highly impressed by Huber’s commitment to corporate environmental protection.

Environmentally friendly chillers and temperature control devices

The company is a pioneer in the development and production of innovative, environmentally friendly chillers and temperature control systems. It was one of the first companies to move to non-CFC chillers – 7 years before the phase-out date set by the Halogen Prohibition Regulation. Huber has been a driver for the development of non-CFC products. Most of the company’s products use natural refrigerants such as CO2, propane and isobutane.

Moreover, Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau AG has developed products that stand out on account of their low energy use – highly efficient motors with the IE 3 efficiency class are a company standard.

First steps with ECOfit

In 2014 Huber successfully participated in ECOfit, formed an environmental team and set up an environmental programme. Since then 100% green electricity has been used, mainly from hydropower but also generated by its own photovoltaic system. The factory building features an exemplary concept for climate control: heat recovery is used for heating in the winter and groundwater is used for cooling in the summer. By the end of 2016, the company will implement an energy audit and further improve energy efficiency.

Additional measures:

  • Bicycle leasing programme for employees
  • Ecological procurement: important suppliers are inspected for environmental credentials
  • Climate-friendly printing and water-based colours for printed products
  • Owing to the company’s flat hierarchy, environmental measures are quickly implemented

  • Radleys and Huber, working in partnership

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