Radleys launch AVA, NEW Lab Control Software

Date: Feb 16, 2015
Radleys AVA Software
AVA Software, developed by Radleys, is a major step-change in lab control software to enable the scientist to work smarter and complete projects faster. 

AVA is very easy to use and can control and log data from a variety of manufacturer’s laboratory equipment. It offers four software levels to suit the application and budget, controlling a single stirring hotplate up to a multi-device jacketed reaction system. 

Scientists can use AVA to:

  • Control a wide range of laboratory devices including stirring hotplates, overhead stirrers, circulators, balances, pumps, pH meters, vacuum pumps, gas flow controllers and temperature sensors.
  • Eliminate time-consuming, manual data recording.
  • ‘Track and Repeat’ what you do, as you do it, to repeat experiments easily and accurately.
  • Define safety limits and alarms for safe unattended operation.
  • Visualise results for rapid analysis and reporting.
  • Link devices for dual control e.g. pump and balance for mass additions
  • Control up to 4 experiments in parallel. 

Download and try the software for a FREE trial here

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