Koehler improves productivity of process scale up using Reactor-Ready and AVA Software (Level 4)

Koehler RR AVA

Contacts: Product and Process Development Group Manager

Organisation: Koehler

Department: Product and Process Development Group

Country: Germany

Product: Reactor-Ready, AVA Software Level 4, Huber Unistat 405 air-cooled

Case Study No: CS1037


Previously used electrical mantles with round bottom flasks and overhead stirrers. Sometimes require high speed stirring up to 1,800 RPM and needed better temperature control with active cooling to speed up the scale up process.


Enable safe high speed stirring and improve consistency of temperature control, with tracking to repeat standard processes.


  • Fumehood still to be modified by customer so a full system setup and tests with Reactor-Ready and AVA were carried out on the benchtop.
  • Customer purchased AVA training and Radleys were able to write several template experimental files for their standard reactions.
  • Customer extremely satisfied with the reaction system and automated control.