AVA Lab Control Software makes it easier to control complex reactions by automating the process for you.

The software offers a number of benefits including consistent repeatable results and improved productivity.


The main benefits of using AVA Lab Control Software include:

  • Safer experiments because you can set safety limits and alarms, create safety feedback loops and also automate cooling during exothermic events.
  • Money savings because there’ll be less waste, since you can control experiments more precisely.
  • Time savings because you can reuse your schedules and leave experiments unattended.
  • Greater collaboration by sharing set-ups, schedules and results data with other AVA users.
  • Improved repeatability because user error is reduced.
  • Better productivity because you can automate manual or repetitive tasks.
  • Easier analysis because data is presented in a user-friendly format.

Which level do I need?

AVA is available in 4 levels. The level of software you need depends on what type of lab equipment you want to control. The lab equipment usually needs to have a RS232 connection to be controlled by AVA.

E7 AVA Lab Control Software Level 4

AVA is most commonly used to control complex jacketed lab reactor systems which comprise of an overhead stirrer and circulator, plus various other devices such as peristaltic pumps, balances and pH meters. To control this setup, you need level 4 software.


E7 AVA Lab Control Software Level 3

If you have a basic jacketed lab reactor system and only want to control an overhead stirrer and circulator, you can use level 3 software.

You can see which equipment you can control with each level of software in the comparison table below. You can upgrade to a higher level at a later date if necessary. Just contact us for further details.

AVA software comparison table

Do I need an AVA software kit?

Each AVA software kit includes the AVA software, a specially configured laptop controller, and a Data Hub.

The laptop controller is a laptop that is only used as an AVA controller, while the Data Hub is hardware that allows you to connect your devices to the computer with AVA on it.

Alternatively, you can buy AVA software separately to install on your own computer. If you do this, you’ll need to make sure your computer meets certain requirements and is set up correctly. You’ll also need to buy a Data Hub separately.

Radleys Data Hub

Do I need an Ethernet switch?

The Ethernet switch is an additional piece of hardware used to connect multiple Data Hubs to an AVA computer.

Data Hubs either have 4 ports or 2 ports, so if you want to control more than 4 RS232 devices, you will need several Data Hubs.

You can connect up to a maximum of 4 Data Hubs, which adds up to 16 RS232 devices when using 4-port Data Hubs.

RS232 Port

Can I use AVA with devices I’ve not bought from Radleys?

The general rule of thumb is that devices should have RS232 connections if you want to control them with AVA.

We recommend buying your devices from Radleys to ensure they are compatible with AVA.

We also sell a variety of ‘modules’, which are kits containing devices and all the accessories necessary to connect to AVA, such as the correct RS232 cables. This makes it easy to order what you need.

If you already have devices that you would like to use with AVA, please contact Radleys Technical Support ([email protected]) first to check their compatibility. You can also speak to us on Live Chat.

You will need to make sure you have the correct type of RS232 cable, so your device can communicate with AVA. A generic RS232 cable is unlikely to be suitable.

If your device is not compatible with AVA, we may be able to create a driver for it for a charge.

Try before buy

You can also download a free demo version of AVA. The free version can do almost everything the paid version can, except control devices. It will allow you to:

  • Learn how the features of the software work.

  • Simulate control of devices.

  • Set up apparatus and create schedules.

  • Share setups and schedules with other AVA users.

  • Analyse results and create reports for real or simulated data.

Download the free AVA demo.

Find out more about the AVA Lab Control Software.