Royochem chose AVA Software to log and control jacketed lab reactors combined with additions, temperature and stirrer motor devices to improve the safety and quality of unattended chemical processes.

Royochem Reactor-Ready Duo with AVA

Contacts: Ms. Li Ting

Organisation: Royochem

Department: Product Development

Country: China

Product: Reactor-Ready Duo with AVA Software (level 4)

Case Study No: CS1035


Previously reactions have been carried out using basic laboratory equipment for temperature and stirring control, with data being recorded manually approximately every 15 minutes over typically 4-6 hours.


  1. Royochem were looking to achieve better control of reactions by using jacketed lab reactors and wanted to ensure repeatability of addition rates with continuous data-logging of all relevant parameters.
  2. They also wanted the ability to use safety feedback loops against a variety of potential sensor conditions to enable safe unattended operation, improving the productivity of the department.


Radleys supplied the Reactor-Ready Duo system with two 2 litre reactor vessels on a single framework. This was combined with AVA Lab Control Software (Level 4) to control multiple devices including pumps, balances and a Lauda thermocirculator.

The set-up provides a system which can be used manually to track on-the-fly changes and when required be easily automated to control functions for more complicated recipe steps.

The software is very easy to understand and the reactors are simple to assemble and use. This system will help us in our daily work and provide us more data than we currently have.Ms. Li Ting, Royochem