OZOM11 11th Australasian Organometallics Meeting

Bayliss Building – School of Molecular Sciences, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia |
Jan 16, 2018

11th Australasian Organometallics Meeting
16-19 JAN 2018, Perth, Australia

Radleys distributor for Australia, Invitro, welcome you to attend the 11th Australasian Organometallics Meeting – OZOM11 – organised for the first time in Western Australia. OZOM11 will be organised joint with the WA Synthetic and Organic Chemistry Symposium. In maintaining the previous tradition of these successful meetings, OZOM11 will have its focus  on presentations from students and early career researchers, supported by a small number of distinguished international speakers. The conference will be centred towards all the various aspects of fundamental and applied organometallic chemistry, including:

  • Organometallic chemistry of main, transition, and lanthanoid elements
  • Structure and reactivity
  • Catalysis
  • Asymmetric synthesis
  • Theoretical chemistry
  • Bio-organometallic chemistry
  • Application of organometallic complexes in life science
  • Application of organometallic complexes in materials science
  • Synthetic chemistry

The conference is hosted by the University of Western Australia and the lectures will be held in the Bayliss Building – School of Molecular Sciences (building 211, H6 section in the UWA campus map).

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We look forward to meeting you in what we anticipate to be a very exciting OZOM11.

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