Radleys Lego Lab Competition 2017: The results are in!

Author: Inez Cornell
Date: Oct 12, 2017

Lego winners 2017

Put the Lego down. This year’s competition has now finished, and the results are in!

June saw the return of our annual Lego competition (you can find out more about it here), as we asked fans to build a science lab entirely out of Lego, before sending us over a picture or video of it.

We were blown away by the wonderful creations that came flooding in. In fact, we’d go as far to say that we received some of the best entries since we started running the competition back in 2015.

The entries were split into three categories, and we asked the public to vote for their favourites – and trust us, a lot of votes were cast!

You may already have heard who the winners are, as we revealed them back in September. If not, don’t worry: it’s time to sit back and relax as you see the best Lego labs around…

Level 1: 10 and Younger

Winner: Himmat Gill


A huge well done to Himmat, who built a fantastic underground scientific lab, taking us back to 67 million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the land.

Here, the scientists observe, learn and dissect the dinosaur corpses, and look after the eggs in an incubator. There is even a time machine that can be used.

Bonus winner: Patrick Sherlock


With so many entries in this level, there was no way we couldn’t pick a bonus winner! The team at Radleys loved Patrick’s lab, featuring two scientists.

One of them is dressed up, ready to blow the lab up with toxic ooze, and the other scientist in the glasses is helping to make the explosion.

Patrick said:

"I really, really liked making my Lego science lab because I loved making my imagination come true. I’ve always wanted to make a science lab. I might be a scientist when I grow up .... but not a crazy one!

I am so happy that I won because now I can buy even more Lego! I’m going to buy the Spider Man Bridge Battle with Doctor Octopus. I have wished and wished for that for so long!"

Both creations were great, with two very well-deserved winners.

Level 2: 11 – 16

Winner: Marcelo Chi


Marcelo’s lab was built to study the most dangerous and toxic rocks on the surface of the earth, with the scientists working hard to figure out how to make the rocks useful. In fact, the scientist in the glasses is scanning Thallium, which is the deadliest of all rocks.

This was a fantastic lab, that was extremely popular amongst voters. Well done Marcelo!

Level 3: Over 16s

Winner: Oliver Kriska


Big congratulations to Oliver, who built this amazing jungle lab. Surrounded by lush vegetation and a mountainous waterfall, it’s here where the scientists discover new specimens.

There’s a lot of equipment in the lab, including a vent hood, computers, liquid nitrogen tanks and a microscope. The second floor is home to the lead scientist’s office, which includes a safe to store rare specimens.

Oliver said:

“I decided to enter Radleys’ Lego Lab Competition because I had so much fun doing it last year. It really allows you to be creative and resourceful with Lego, and I also wanted to try and create something that was bigger and better than what I did last year.

“One of my biggest challenges this year was figuring out the layout I wanted, and thinking of ideas I could try out for chemistry equipment to fill the interior.

This year, I chose to build a jungle-themed lab as I really wanted to incorporate a wide variety of plants and vegetation. I also wanted to create a very peaceful atmosphere where the scientists could work. I added in some new parts to the lab’s interior this year, including a lobby, bathroom and office.”

We’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone who got involved in the Lego Lab competition this year – we had so much fun looking through all of your imaginative creations.

Did you miss out on the competition? There’s always next year! Who knows, it could be you who’s crowned the winner of our 2018 Lego Lab competition, winning £150 worth of Lego vouchers.

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