Find out who won the Radleys Lego competition!

Author: Simon Moorhouse
Date: Oct 05, 2015

Radleys Lego Competition

Put down your bricks, the Radleys Lego Competition is over!

Just over a month ago we challenged people of all ages to build us a laboratory out of Lego.

We were looking for the most creative and original builds and we were quite stunned by the response we got.

There were originally two prizes up for grabs – one for kids and teens and one for big kids and AFOLS (adult fans of Lego).

However, we received so many entries from so many bright young sparks that we had to create a whole new category!

So today we’re giving out three prizes:

Level 1 – 10 years old and younger.
Level 2 – Ages 11-16
Level 3 – Over 16s 

Truthfully, every entry we received was remarkable in its own way. Here is a gallery of every submission we received and we’re sure you’ll agree, they all deserved to win.

Lego Lab Gallery - Level 1, Ages 1-10
Lego Lab Gallery - Level 2, Ages 11-16
Lego Lab Gallery - Level 3, Over 16's

But after much deliberation, we decided that the following possessed the necessary “wow factor” to win:

Level 1 – 10 years old and younger

: Thomas Mowatt Radleys Lego Competition Winner Level 1 - Thomas Mowatt

Eight year old Thomas built an entire science complex, with alien experiments and a room for bottling strange noises. There’s loads going on in his laboratory and what really impressed us is how everything looks like it’s there for a reason. Well done Thomas!

Special Mentions: Amelia Jacobek built the forensic laboratory from the TV show Bones and Austin Turner built Tesla’s laboratory. Special mention must also be made of Danny Paternoster, who told the best story. His lab is a "weapon testing facility on top of a volcano" and it features a boom cannon that shoots spiders and "bogey slime rockets that stick to the enemy so they leave a bogey trail." Lovely! Lego Lab Gallery - Level 1, Ages 1-10

Level 2 - Ages 11-16

: Soloman Fagan Radleys Lego Competition Level 2 Winner - Soloman Fagan

14 year old Soloman Fagan’s Mountain Lab is epic:

“On the roof you’ll find a Monster Machine (or whatever it’s called) including a Lightning Tower, a moving bed, brain plug thingies, light up brick and a tube connected to the controls. It also has a Cauldron full of red bricks, antennas, and a working catapult to shoo off unwanted guests, a skeleton, a super adjustable telescope and a chalk board.

“And if you take the ladder down to the lower floor you will find many interesting details such as... A Werewolf Cell with a breakable back wall and a spider web above it, a treasure chest full of diamonds/crystals, a mutated fish, some delicious pizza and soda for the scientist’s off-time ...a diamond research station with a fold down magnifying glass, a microscope and an axe, 2 Skulls in glass jars, a chemical rack and a vent in the floor.”

Excellent work, Soloman! We’ve spent ages looking at your Mountain Lab. It looks like the sort of model you could buy in a shop!

Special Mentions: Robbie Chandler had so many ideas he made an entire Science Institute, filled with monsters, robots, spiders and all sorts of dangerous experiments! Alexander Gis built Dr Mccoy's Laboratory, where a terrible demon has just emerged from an inter-dimensional portal. Finally, Benjamin Gooddy built a lab in which several different experiments are taking place – anti-gravity boots, experimental apples, and a letterbox that lends a helping hand. Lego Lab Gallery - Level 2, Ages 11-16 

Level 3 – Over 16s

: Stephen ArgentRadleys Lego Competition Level 3 Winner - Stephen Argent

Inorganic research chemist Stephen Argent made a “shameless sales pitch for a product that I would dearly love to exist.” He hates using glove boxes, so came up with a “walk-in oxygen-free BodyBox lab.”

It’s a great idea, a fantastic model and Stephen even took the health and safety issues into consideration! 

Special Mentions: Joe Wilbur paid tribute to Tesla, “the father of wireless”. His model is a perfect recreation of the iconic image of Tesla sat reading in his chair as electricity arcs over his head. Sean M. Martin made a highly detailed Clinical Microbiology Lab, featuring exquisite tiles, a storeroom, a bathroom, a cloakroom and equipment that should be familiar to all scientists! Finally, Tim Gagnon built The Laboratory for Alternate Energy Research, in which scientists have succeeded in finding a replacement to fossil fuels. Lego Lab Gallery - Level 3, Over 16's

So congratulations to everyone!

Our three winners – Thomas Mowatt, Solomon Fagan, and Stephen Argent – will all receive £150 of Lego Vouchers.

Check back soon to see all of the entries. We can’t wait for you to see some of the other models, and you’ll soon understand how hard this thing was to call!

Thank you very much to everyone that entered. Don’t be downhearted if your entry didn't win – the standard was extremely high, after all! Picking a winner was difficult, as there were dozens of truly outstanding models in there, with hundreds of great ideas.

And who knows? Perhaps we’ll run another competition next year! 

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