And….Stop building! This year’s build a Lego lab competition is over!

This summer, we challenged all you budding builders out there to create your dream laboratory entirely out of Lego!

Well you didn’t disappoint. We have received so many amazing entries from around the world and we can’t believe the creativity out there in every age group.

It’s been so difficult to pick just three winners but the following really stood out for us. Drum roll please, congratulations to…

Level 1 – 10 years old and younger

: Thomas and George Mowatt

Thomas, aged 9 and Brother George, aged 4, built the epic Sea Science Laboratory. This large and diverse lab features an open sea water area, where the Scientists do tests on fish, sharks, octopuses, crocodiles and other sea animals. We absolutely loved your entry, congratulations to you both!

Special Mentions

Thanks to Laura Williamson who sent us a lovely video of a mad scientist making an invisibility potion in her amazing lab. Dario De Spirt, who is 9 years old and from Italy, continued the crazy theme with his two mad scientists who are trying to increase the size and change the colour of a pumpkin. Thank you both for your entries, we loved them.

Level 2 – Ages 11-16

Winner: Lachie Lucas

Congratulations to 14 year old Lachie Lucas, for his Lego lab recreation of the Hadron Collider. He included a beautiful structure and gets extra points for including a model Radleys delivery man! Congratulations again Lachie!

Special Mentions

Zachary Inman, aged 14,  for his Lego ‘Secret Valley Biological Laboratory’ complete with a rooftop flower garden where scientists can relax. Andrew Inman, aged 13 also deserves a mention for his lab where he carries out experiments on a very lucky or unlucky Schrödinger’s cat.

Level 3 – Over 16s

: Oliver Kriska

Oliver, who is 17, left us speechless with his incredible desert lab. The outside comes complete desert foliage and raised sandy areas to fit with the desert landscape. While the interior is a spotless lab packed with chemistry equipment, strange specimens for observation and even an emergency shower. Well done Oliver – a worthy winner!

Special Mentions

We had to give Richard Hanson, aged 45, a mention for his in-depth “cosmo lab” which showcases famous experiments that have been key in understanding how our universe works. Thanks also to Stephen  Argent (last year’s winner), aged 36, for his humorous take on scientists taking a holiday!

Congratulations to everyone who entered, you’re all amazing!

Our three winners Thomas and George Mowatt, Lachie Lucas and Oliver Kriska will all receive £150 of Lego Vouchers.

Thank you very much to everyone that entered. Don’t be downhearted if your entry didn’t win – the standard was extremely high, after all! Picking a winner was difficult, as there were dozens of truly outstanding models in there, with hundreds of great ideas.

Keep checking our blog as we will be running more competitions soon and running another build a Lego lab competition in 2017!