I completed my undergraduate Masters in Chemistry and PhD at the University of Sheffield. My PhD was on Diels-Alder reactions of anthrone to synthesise asymmetric pyrrolidinones. Upon completion, I worked at Redbrick Molecular, synthesising novel building block molecules at small to medium scale. At Redbrick I used the Radleys Carousel 6 Plus to do parallel synthesis with ease. I then moved to Cardiff University, to teach in the undergraduate laboratories, as well as lecture on Organic Chemistry modules.

My role as Scientific Content Writer allows me to use my chemical knowledge, as well as my passion for science communication, to work with our product managers and technical sales specialists to produce engaging scientific webinars, white papers, videos and more.

Working at a company that truly values its staff, and understands the needs of its customers is refreshing and inspiring. If you ever have questions about any of our scientific content, including our webinars and videos, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at [email protected]

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