Reactor-Ready makes process development modelling simple and easy to scale up

In this video we speak to the team at CatSci about how Reactor-Ready Jacketed Lab Reactors allow their chemists to scale up their processes and deliver more material to their customers.

Rob Crook, Charlotte Dalton, Lloyd Murfin and Elise Rochette explain how the Reactor-Ready helps them accelerate their chemistry every day. They explain how Reactor-Ready is an excellent scale down model of plant-scale reactors, making modelling and Dynochem easy. The team at CatSci are impressed at how easy it is to exchange vessels when using Reactor-Ready – no oil spill!

Our Reactor-Ready lab reactors have the ease of use and flexibility required for your synthesis scale up needs. With glass reactors from 100 ml to 5 L our reactors are ready when you are. The patented innovative design with interchangeable glass vessels is quick to set up, easy to use, saves time and precious lab space.

Combining Reactor-Ready with AVA Lab Control software further enhances safe operation and captures all the information a scientist would need.

Reactor-Ready is ideal for organic chemistry, process development, medicinal chemistry, R&D research, polymer chemistry, academic research, scale up, API manufacture and CRO or contract synthesis.

  • Reactor-Ready features:
  • Flexible and quick to adapt
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Ready to use with off the shelf jacketed lab reactors
  • Multiple glass reactor volume and overhead stirring options
  • Smart automation with AVA Software

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