Building temperature control units with lots of cooling and heating power is easy; the critical part is transferring that power efficiently and safely to the customer’s application.

Reliable temperature control is dependent on effective thermal transfer. Huber have been providing precise temperature control systems for 50 years, and over that time have developed and refined the Unistat range to stay at the cutting edge of performance and reliability.

The Unistat Principle RA21892 & RA21893

The thermodynamic characteristics of Unistats offer the most precise temperature control, regardless of the application, excelling even under rapidly changing system conditions. But what is it about them that sets them apart from the competition?

Huber Unistats are hydraulically sealed systems: they are sealed to the atmosphere by the heat transfer fluid in the expansion tank, which is not exposed to temperature extremes. Because the heat transfer fluid is not in contact with the atmosphere, there is no moisture absorption and subsequent ice formation at low temperatures, or oil degradation/vapours at high temperatures. This prolongs the life of the heat transfer fluid and allows it to be used safely above its flash point, so it can be used over a wider temperature range than in open bath circulators.


Unistats use plate heat exchangers for the maximum ‘surface area to volume ratio’ when transferring heat energy to the thermal fluid. This, combined with a low volume of circulating fluid, maximises response times, which means better temperature control. Fast heating and cooling ramps can be achieved and exothermic reactions can be safely controlled, maintaining an accurate setpoint to prevent unwanted side reactions and maximise yields.

Wide bore connections for hoses allow maximum flow rates to the application with minimal back pressure. This, combined with well-insulated hoses, reduces thermal losses to the environment.

Other advantages of the Unistat range:

  • Decreased process costs – higher yields via accurate temperature control and fewer consumed resources offer a fast return on investment
  • Reproducible, predictable results with True Adaptive Control (TAC), which automatically monitors and adjusts heating and cooling parameters for the best control – greater purity of final compounds
  • More efficient pumps and faster cooling – efficient high flow, low pressure pump designs mean they can be used at full power with little effect to the cooling. More of the cooling power gets to the application where you need it
  • Environmentally friendly refrigeration – all units are CFC- and HCFC-free with the option of natural refrigerants
  • Reduced water consumption with water-cooled Unistats, as an integrated solenoid valve ensures that cooling water is only used when needed

We take precise, reliable temperature control seriously, which is why Radleys are proud to supply Huber temperature control systems in the UK. We can help you to discover how your chemistry can excel with cutting edge performance and reliability from Huber.

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