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How do I choose an appropriate overhead stirrer motor for use with Tornado?

RR99951 Tornado Plus Overhead Stirring System does not include an overhead stirrer motor, as different models may be suitable for different customers’ applications. One point to consider when selecting an overhead stirrer model is whether you would like to control and monitor the overhead stirrer using AVA software.  If so, you will need an overhead stirrer with an RS232 interface. It is also vital to choose an overhead stirrer with enough torque (turning force) at the particular speeds you want to use.  Be aware that a reasonable amount of torque will be required even if your samples are not viscous, more torque is required if you do have viscous samples or want to work at high speeds, and also that the torque of mechanical stirrers decreases as the speed increases. If you would like further assistance, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.