Carousel 12 Plus

Most of the Carousel 6 Plus glassware is compatible with Mya 4, however, there are some exceptions: The smallest flasks, 5 ml (RR99151) and 10 ml (RR99148), the azeotropic flasks and the 170 ml flask cannot be used. The standard Carousel 12 Plus quick-thread glass reaction tubes (RR91080) can be used in Mya 4 – but they are not tall enough to be used for refluxing. A longer quick-thread glass reaction tube has been designed specially to be used with the Mya 4 reflux head. This 200 mm tube is RR40583. Other things to consider when using the Carousel 12 plus tubes is their height, this means that:
  • They cannot be used with the reflux head in position – they clash
  • If the manifold head is in position, you might only be able to fit 3 tubes into the insert
We offer the following tubing for connecting the white fittings (quick connects) on the Carousel reflux/inerting head to your water or gas/vacuum supply:
  • RR99067: Tubing for Inert Gas or Reflux Cooling 2 Metres
The standard Carousel 12 Plus tubes (part numbers RR91080 for a pack of 6 or RR91081 for a pack of 12) are 150 mm long with a 24 mm diameter, and are suitable for 5 ml to 20 ml sample volumes. For 1 ml to 5 ml samples, we offer reduced volume tubes (part number RR91088 for a pack of 6). The lower part of these tubes tapers to 16 mm outer diameter.

reduced volume tubes

Reduced volume tubes require an aluminium insert (RR91089 for pack of 6) to reduce the Carousel 12 Plus well size accordingly, to ensure a close fit and hence good heat transfer.

Aluminium insert for reduced volume tube