My hotplate is 135 mm in diameter. Do I need an adapter to use Heat-On?

Heat-On blocks have a 145 mm diameter recess in the base to locate onto the hotplate. If you have a 135 mm round hotplate, you have the option of purchasing an adapter plate (part number RR61085) if you would like Heat-On to fit more tightly onto your hotplate.

heat on adapter for 135 mm hotplate

None of our current Carousel Stirring Hotplates can be used with a Carousel Temperature Controller, only a Pt1000 probe (optional – if solution control is required). The most recent Carousel Temperature Controller we offered was part number RR91210.  We can currently supply an equivalent controller (Heidolph EKT Hei-Con, part number 509-88000-00), but only as a spare part for customers with previous hotplate models that were compatible with RR91210 rather than a Pt1000.

carousel temperature controller and heidolph ekt hei con

If you’re not sure whether a particular hotplate you have is compatible with a Carousel Temperature Controller or a Pt1000, check the socket on the hotplate – the Carousel Temperature Controller socket is 5-pin, whereas a Pt1000 socket is 4-pin, and the sticker should tell you which it is too – see below.

Old hotplates – compatible with Carousel Temperature Controller (or Heidolph EKT Hei-Con)

carousel temperature controller socket

Current hotplates – compatible with Pt1000

carousel temperature controller socket

What is the standard Pt1000 made of? Is there an alternative?

The standard Pt1000 temperature probe we supply for use with Carousel Stirring Hotplates or Heidolph hotplates is stainless steel.  This is suitable for the majority of applications, such as placing into a probe hole in a Heat-On block or Carousel base. Nonetheless, if you want to put the Pt1000 directly into your sample and your chemistry corrodes stainless steel, then we can offer an alternative glass-coated Pt1000. The part numbers of the Pt1000s (if purchased individually) are:
  • RR91226: Pt1000 S/S Temperature Sensor
  • RR91227: Pt1000 Glass Coated Temperature Sensor
N.B. Pt1000s are different than the PTFE Pt100 temperature probes we supply as part of our jacketed lab reactor systems such as Reactor-Ready.

Can I use any hotplate with StarFish? What base plates are available?

We offer a range of base plates for StarFish, so you can choose the one that’s suitable for your hotplate:

aseplates for use with Starfish

The dimensions above refer to the hotplate top plate dimensions – which are matched by the recess in the bottom of the base plate for fitting onto the hotplate. Using the correct base plate for your hotplate ensures the StarFish system fits securely on the hotplate and there is the best possible heat transfer. (Each base plate itself has the same diameter, for fitting StarFish MonoBlocks or PolyBlocks onto.)
Your hotplate needs to have an RS232 port (interface) – so it must be the Carousel Connect model. There are different types of RS232 cables.  It is vital you use the right one for your specific device.
For the Radleys Carousel Connect Stirring Hotplate, the correct RS232 cable is:
  • RR91237: Carousel Connect RS232 Interface Cable – 9 Pin to 9 Pin
N.B. This is a different ​RS232 cable to the now discontinued Carousel Advanced model. The Carousel  Advanced RS232 cable is still available as a spare part.
  • RR91234: Carousel Advanced RS232 Interface Cable – 15 Pin to 9 Pin