Do you want to write for us? Welcome to Radleys’ Student Spot!

We love to read about anything pertaining to safe, innovative and green chemistry.

This section of our blog is dedicated to graduate students of chemistry; their research, interests, and experiences.

If you are working on a specific project, your thesis, or have found some interesting research and would like to take some time away from the lab to discuss it with other chemistry students, feel free to send us your article to review.

If your article is chosen for publication, we will send you a £100 Amazon voucher.

How to Submit

If you have an idea, please send your pitch to If you want to write, but are unsure of a topic, get in touch anyway and we can bounce some ideas around.

Guest Blogging Requirements

Well written, original content related to the field of chemistry.

Articles that reflect the writing style of Radleys’ blog posts.

Provide a short author bio, stating your university, field of study and project.

Proper referencing of data, quotes and other third-party content presented in the article.

There are no length requirements: your posts can be as long as they need to be to be high quality and comprehensive.

Submit your posts in a Word document with image files (including their source) attached separately

Not-So-Fine Print:

Submissions must meet Radleys quality standards in order to get published.

The Radleys blogging team reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as we see fit and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


*Photo Credit: Fredrik Rubensson