Streamlining Chemical Synthesis DoE for Successful Process Development

Introduction & Synopsis

Streamlining Chemical Synthesis DoE for Successful Process DevelopmentWhen trying to develop synthetic routes that are safe, cost-effective, reproducible and efficient, Process Development chemists often use a Design of Experiments approach. DoE identifies the critical factors required to achieve optimal reaction conditions through a multivariate approach.

Process development chemistry can also be impacted by the experimental set up. Traditional systems use a round bottom flask with heating-only equipment but they suffer from poor temperature control, which can often lead to inaccurate results and can affect scale-up cost and timeline.

This paper follows the Process R&D group at Purolite aiming to improve the speed and quality of their process development using parallel synthesis and an alternative synthetic chemistry set up.

Read the full White Paper to find how Purolite improved their Process R&D and significantly reduced the translation time from small-scale to large- and manufacturing-scale reactions.

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The reduction in upscaling and project time, alongside improved robustness in synthesis, makes the Mya 4 Reaction Station a cost- and footprint-effective toolDr Patrick Gilbert, Technical Director, Purolite Life Sciences
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Beyond the White Paper - How Purolite improved their process development with Mya 4

Based on a white paper on the same topic, Dr Patrick Gilbert from Purolite explains how his R&D group greatly improved their small-scale Process development and DoE work.

Data-led, this case study presentation shows you how this was achieved.

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