As Director of Operations I get to be involved in most aspects of the business, from IT and infrastructure though to R&D and production. This makes it an exciting and varied job, and I’m lucky enough to work with a dedicated and driven team. Being part of a relatively small but growing company, designing, manufacturing and selling unique products worldwide, is a buzz – I genuinely look forward to coming into work!

I’ve been with Radleys for over 18 years now, and each year gets better. We are in a constant state of improvement, and quite honestly there is no other way to be. What drives us is the desire to deliver outstanding products and excellent customer service. The fact that we are doing really well, but can still see many things that could be better, shows us that there is still loads of potential (and still lots to do!).

If you have any problems or questions in relation to our existing products, or have any ideas or suggestions for new products, please call us for a chat – we’d be more than happy to hear what you have to say.

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