When magnetic stirring is not enough (e.g. viscous materials, heterogeneous mixtures), there is usually a need for mechanical stirring, or overhead stirring. But setting up overhead stirrers on a small scale can be expensive, limited by fumehood space, and time-consuming, especially for multiple reactions.

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With the Tornado Overhead Stirring system from Radleys, you can stir up to 6 round bottom flasks with single overhead stirrer. Each reaction can be set up in seconds. Tornado is an add-on to the popular Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station. When combined, they allow you to heat, mechanically stir and reflux 1 to 6 reactions under an inert atmosphere. The Tornado will work with all popular brands of overhead stirrer including the Heidolph Hei-TORQUE and IKA Eurostar brands.

This video shows a demonstration of the Tornado Overhead Stirring system including:

  • Key features and benefits
  • Glassware assembly
  • Magnetic stirring vs Tornado overhead stirring with a range of common fluids and viscosities.

If you want to find out more about the Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station, you can watch a demonstration here: https://youtu.be/vQHDjfNoASY

The Tornado allows powerful, controlled mechanical stirring of up to six round bottom flasks when combined with the Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station; offering unrivalled stirring for both viscous samples and for the dispersion of delicate solids in solution.

  • Integrates with Carousel 6 Plus to provide heated and stirred reactions
  • Rapid heating to 180 ˚C, with water-cooled reflux head
  • Perform reactions under an inert atmosphere
  • Accepts 50 ml, 100 ml and 250 ml round bottom flasks
  • Uses a single overhead stirrer – save space and money compared with multiple set-ups
  • Compatible with all leading brands of overhead stirrer
  • 2-speed drive allows overhead stirrers with less torque to be used for higher viscosities

To book a live Tornado demonstration with an expert click here: https://calendly.com/parallel-reactio…