Safe, clean, oil-free laboratory heating solution with Heat-On blocks

Looking for a safer, more efficient way to heat and stir round bottom flasks in your chemistry lab?

Look no further than the Heat-On Block! This innovative system is the perfect alternative to messy oil baths and electric heating mantles, offering a range of benefits for scientists and researchers of all levels.

With the Heat-On Block System, you can replace your oil baths and heating mantles to make your chemistry safer, cleaner, and faster. The solid aluminium blocks provide even heating, while the lightweight design allows for rapid heating and cooling. Plus, the unique well design eliminates cracking of flasks, making it easier than ever to get the results you need.

Other features of the Heat-On Block System include two probe holes and optional lifting handles, as well as the ability to use up to 260˚C and accept Florentine Flasks. And best of all, you’ll avoid the risk of oil fires and injury from hot oil spills, as well as the mess and cost associated with the purchase and disposal of oil.