Heidolph Hei-PLATE Hotplate Stirrers - for fast heating and powerful magnetic stirring

The Heidolph Hei-PLATE range of stirring hotplates boast a powerful 800 W heater along with a unique Kera-Disk® heating plate of aluminium and wafer-thin ceramic coating. This provides rapid heating of beakers, flasks, tubes, vials and reaction vessels. The Hei-PLATE hotplate stirrers have a virtually fireproof, die-cast aluminium body which is sealed against corrosive solvent ingress. Intelligent functions such as a residual heat indicator, a separate button for switching the heating on and an independent second safety circuit make the Hei-PLATEs the safest option for heating and mixing in your lab. Choose from three models in the range; the basic Hei-Standard, the popular Hei-Tec and the Hei-Connect which has RS232 connectivity for software control and data logging.

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