A full demonstration of how the Carousel 12 plus reaction station works. Heat, stir, reflux and inert multiple reactions on a single magnetic stirring hotplate. Reduce time and space in the lab with multiple, parallel reactions on a single magnetic stirring hotplate. Standard or reduced-volume tubes available for a working volume range of 1 to 20 ml. Operating temperature range from -78 ˚C to +180 ˚C, a great addition to your chemistry lab equipment.

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  • Powerful, even stirring to all 12 positions
  • Use the digital magnetic stirring hotplate for rapid heating up to 180 ˚C via the aluminium base.
  • Integrated refluxing via the water-cooled reflux head – single source of water needed for multiple reactions – Inert multiple reactions with a single inert gas connection
  • Use the Carousel cooling reservoir for cooling multiple reactions down to -78 ˚C.
  • Quick to set-up and easy to use – Easy viewing of tube contents during experiments
  • Removable reflux head enables all reaction tubes to be to be removed simultaneously for transfer to a stand or for rapid post synthesis cooling
  • Fluoropolymer coating for chemical resistance and easy cleaning
  • PTFE caps feature a ‘quick-thread’ for fast attachment to glass tubes