Reactor-Ready Filter Vessel Accessories

Spray Lance for Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor

Spray lance for Filter reactor

  • Spray lance allows users to perform washing of the filter cake with minimal disturbance to the cake surface
  • Users can also rinse any residual solid from the walls of the filter vessel or use with any Reactor-Ready Standard or Process Vessel for CIP
  • Compatible with a peristaltic pump to give a wide spray pattern using common lab solvents

Filter cake spill tray

  • The filter cake spill tray clips on to the filter plate to prevent solid loss after filtration
  • The spill tray allows the user to remove the filter plate while keeping even fine solids inside securely
Reactor Ready Filter Benchtop support

Filter plate benchtop support

  • The filter plate benchtop support holds the filter plate while the user is assembling it or for product removal
  • Compatible with any standard lab retort stand

Spray Lance for Reactor-Ready Vessels

RR171700 Spray Lance for Reactor-Ready Vessels

RR171701 PTFE Right Angle Tubing Adapter – 8mm Hose Barb
RR171702 PTFE Lance Shaft – 300mm x 12mm
RR171703 PTFE 15° Angled Adapter for Spray Nozzle
RR171704 SS Spray Nozzle – Hollow Cone
RR171705 B34 12mm PTFE Compression Fitting

Spray Lance and Pump Module

RR171710 Spray Lance and Pump Module

RR171700 Spray Lance for Reactor-Ready Vessels
RR20470 Peristaltic Pump 600rpm 4000ml/min – UK Plug
RR20473 Peristaltic Pump Head for 2.5mm Wall Tubing
RR171706 PharMed Tubing 7.9mm bore 2.5mm wall 3m

Filter Plate Benchtop Support

RR171800 Filter Plate Benchtop Support

Filter Plate Benchtop Support + Boss Head + Stand

RR171810 Filter Plate Benchtop Support + Boss Head + Stand

RR171800 Filter Plate Benchtop Support
RR31210 Retort Stand, 2 Position Base + 12x750mm SS Rod
RR71115 Boss Head to 16mm

Filter Cake Catcher

RR171900 Filter Cake Catcher

Webinar Reaction System Design

Webinar: Reaction system design – Learn from the experts

Watch a preview here

In this webinar we look at some considerations when designing a jacketed lab reactor system and their implications.

We then follow on with some bespoke design options available for our jacketed reactors, where we review a variety of subjects including reactor geometry, thermal fluid connections, lid port design, drain valves and more illustrated with some examples of custom systems we have done for users.

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Webinar: The benefits of Jacketed Lab Reactors and considerations when choosing a system

Watch a preview here

When purchasing a jacketed lab reactor setup for scaling up your process, there are many considerations to be made.

In this webinar we cover the fundamental points of specifying the right reactor and ancillary devices to ensure that you get the optimal performance of your jacketed lab reactor system for scale-up and process development.

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Webinar: Introducing the Radleys Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor

Temperature controlled, stirred and contained filtrations – Radleys Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor for crystallisations, reaction work-ups and product isolation

In this webinar we will explore the Radleys range of Reactor-Ready filter vessels, demonstrate how to assemble and use the filter reactor as well as discuss potential applications.

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