Reduced to the MAXIMUM – new Hei-TORQUE Core

Date: Jun 27, 2018
W5 Hei Torque core
This year at ACHEMA in Frankfurt, Heidolph unveiled the newest member of the overhead stirrer family: The lightweight for big tasks!

The compact design of the new Hei-TORQUE Core allows its usage in closed systems such as fumehoods, reactors and production systems.

With a net weight of just 2,300 grams, the new Core model complements the Heidolph laboratory stirrer series, with a compact size device and a performance range up to 40 Ncm. "The smallest of the Hei-TORQUE series, effortlessly stirs up to 25 l at low viscosity". 

This expansion of the product range covers a large number of standard applications in the laboratory: the large diameter of the chuck (10 mm) can also be used for large impellers and VISCOJET® tools. It has enough force for large volumes up to 25 liters at low viscosity, as well as for smaller quantities at higher viscosity up to 10,000 mPas (tested with 5.5 l silicone oil). 

The simple operation is also convincing. Enjoy tool-free change of the impellers thanks to the Quick-Chuck system, a simple timer, a "Max." button for short-term operation with maximum speed and a single control knob, for setting the speed and direct starting. 

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