We do still sell parts such as glassware for our customers with Carousel 6/12 Classic and Tornado Classic systems.  Please contact us for details, and ensure you specify you have a Classic version. Please note that some of the current Plus parts are not compatible with Classic.  For example, the thread at the top of the Carousel 12 tubes and Carousel 6 reflux tubes, and so inside the PTFE caps and Tornado caps, were different for Classic than for Plus, as shown below.

Carousel classic vs plus threading

You may have a build-up of limescale in the reflux head, due to extended use with hard water. Another potential cause could be a build-up of algae or similar, depending on the water source you have used. If you have run silicone oil through the reflux head (which is not recommended), the internal silicone seal may be damaged. Please contact our Service team ([email protected]), and they will be happy to advise.  Please include photos of your Carousel, and a description of your application and the problem you are experiencing.
The Carousel 6 Plus and Carousel 12 Plus can be used with inert gas, but are not suitable for pressurised reactions. The Carousel PTFE caps and glassware are not rated for pressure.  Our guidelines are that the maximum pressure is 1 psi above atmospheric pressure, i.e. slight positive pressure, when you are using inert gas.  Keep the valves of the PTFE caps open when in use. If high pressure were applied, the silicone septa in the PTFE caps should be pushed out and allow venting.
Carousel 6 Plus and Carousel 12 Plus are suitable for use with vacuum, to remove air as part of creating an inert atmosphere. They are not designed to hold a full vacuum, or for reactions to be carried out under vacuum (as there is a risk that the vacuum would pull chemicals up through the Carousel reflux/inerting head and so damage it). We cannot guarantee what vacuum level could be achieved.  The vacuum obtained by each customer will depend on factors such as the condition of seals in the system, and the particular vacuum pump used.

I have a stuck glass joint. What can I do?

This is a general laboratory issue. Safe ways of separating stuck joints are soaking the joints, using a sonicator / ultrasonic cleaner, using a solvent to dissolve chemical residue, or applying heat.  You should not use force (e.g. do not try to loosen the joint by knocking the glassware on the edge of the bench), because this is likely to lead to breakage, and is unsafe. Some chemists grease glass joints to act against joints sticking, if this is suitable for their chemistry/application. Here at Radleys, we tend to use Rodaviss joints (the red cap and screw thread etc.), because their special design makes it easier to separate joints compared to standard ground glass joints. The wide neck flask design we offer as an option for the Carousel 6 Plus and Tornado uses a flat flange rather than a glass joint, so that also helps prevent this issue. Please note, glass is relatively fragile (even laboratory borosilicate glass 3.3), and is not covered by warranty.

What does ‘RE’ mean in a stirring bar description? What are rare earth stirring bars?

‘RE’ in the product name of a magnetic stirring bar stands for rare earth.  Rare earth stirring bars are usually identified by a (chemically inert) black spot on the stirring bar.

RE Stirring Bar

Rare earth magnets provide significantly increased magnetic strength compared to standard magnets – stronger attraction between the stirring bar and the hotplate.  They are useful for stirring viscous samples. Rare earth magnets are also almost completely resistant to demagnetisation, in contrast to standard stirring bars, which lose their magnetism with time and use and so require regular replacement.
Yes. The part number for the silicone septa (Suba-Seals) in the white PTFE Carousel caps is RR98076 for a pack of 100.

PTFE caps

These are considered consumable items as they are likely to deteriorate over time with normal use, e.g. due to piercing the septa with a syringe for additions. Suba-Seals are available in Viton if preferred; the part number is RR98176 for a pack of 100.

Replacement silicone septa

Yes, you can use Carousel 6 glassware in Tornado. The glassware used in the current Carousel 6 (the Carousel 6 Plus) is compatible with the current Tornado (Tornado Plus).  If you have an older Carousel 6 (a Carousel 6 Classic), then its glassware is compatible with the Tornado Classic (which is still available to purchase). The one exception is that if you have an azeotropic (Dean-Stark) flask, it must be a Tornado version to be able to fit a centrifugal stirrer paddle through the constricted neck and so use it with a Tornado. Please also note, only the centrifugal style stirrers (which are collapsible) can fit through standard Carousel 6 glassware necks.  If you would like to use anchor or propeller stirrers (for example, if your samples are viscous), you would need to use specially designed Carousel 6 wide neck flasks and reflux tubes (which we can supply for either Plus or Classic equipment).

I would like to test a range of stirring bars. Do you sell any selection packs?

We offer two stirring bar evaluation kits, each containing a selection of stirring bars. These are useful for trialling different stirring bars in an application, or simply if you require magnetic stirring for a range of glassware.
RR98095: PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bar Evaluation Kit
30 stirring bars in total – contains 3 each of:
  • RR99064: Elliptical Stirring Bar 25 mm RE
  • RR98097: Elliptical Stirring Bar 15 mm RE
  • RR98096: Elliptical Stirring Bar 10 mm RE
  • RR98091: Cross Shape Stirring Bar 16.5 mm RE
  • RR98075: Cross Shape Stirring Bar 10 mm
  • RR98113: Cylindrical Stirring Bar 12 mm RE
  • RR99613: Pivot Ring Stirring Bar 15 mm
  • RR98071: Pivot Ring Stirring Bar 12 x 6mm
  • RR99607: Pivot Ring Stirring Bar 12 x 4.5mm
  • RR98070: Octagonal Stirring Bar 13 mm
RR71200: Stirring Bar Evaluation Kit – for Flasks
10 stirring bars in total – contains 2 each of:
  • RR95921: Oval Stirring Bar 50 mm
  • RR95920: Oval Stirring Bar 40 mm
  • RR99064: Elliptical Stirring Bar 25 mm RE
  • RR98091: Cross Shape Stirring Bar 16.5 mm RE
  • RR98075: Cross Shape Stirring Bar 10 mm