Why would I need HB9495 Basic to Exclusive Upgrade?

Huber Pilot ONE controllers come with 3 possible levels of software, which are referred to as E-grades.

Unistats, as the most advanced type of Huber units, come with the highest level of software as standard, which is the ‘Professional’ E-grade.

Open bath units (such as Ministats) and chillers are more basic models.  Those with Pilot ONE controllers only come with the lowest level of software, which is the ‘Basic’ E-grade.

A key feature is the ability to control the temperature in ‘process’ mode (i.e. controlling the temperature of the vessel contents, using the reading from the temperature probe in the vessel), as opposed to just ‘internal’ mode (i.e. controlling the temperature of the oil the Huber is flowing through the vessel jacket).  This feature is not available in the low ‘Basic’ software level, only the middle one ‘Exclusive’ and the highest one ‘Professional’.  Therefore, we advise customers purchasing a bath unit to use with a reaction system to purchase the HB9495 upgrade to take them from ‘Basic’ to ‘Exclusive’ E-grade, so they will be able to control by the temperature of the vessel contents.

In addition, you need at least the ‘Exclusive’ E-grade be able to record data onto a USB stick, to have the ability to make programs and use ramps, and to be able to reduce the maximum heating power and hence current drawn.